The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (9)

Chapter Nine

Club Royale is a multi-level fun house located on Tremont Street, in the heart of Boston and tonight, it was living up to its reputation.  The dance floor was packed to the brim with people who bounced up and down as one, creating an undulating wave that rolled through the frenzied crowds, repeatedly.  The band on stage kept the energy up, belting out the synergetic sounds of raw metallic rock and light feathery techno tunes.  The brilliant colored lights shone, spun and pulsated in tandem with the guitar and tunes. It gave the entire scenery an ethereal feel – the kind that got the heart pulsing and sowed in the hearts of men, the illusion of love.

Such was the fate of one such man at the bar.  He was young and handsome but in a cute, angelic way and not the devilish bad boy way that drove most girls crazy.  Dressed in a trendy leather jacket and a white shirt underneath that failed miserably at hiding his impressive pecs, his eyes remained riveted on the girl he had been watching all night long.  There were a lot of beautiful girls in the club tonight, lots of sexy smoking hot babes were walking around displaying a little more flesh than their daddies at home would permit but this one… this one was different.

The young hunk brushed away a strand of his long brown hair and thoughtfully stroked his wispy beard as he watched the brunette gyrate and shake her body to the rock beat.  She danced in a dance-hall way to the metallic tunes.  Under normal circumstances, that should have been all wrong, but this girl pulled it off beautifully.  She wore a teasing translucent top that silhouetted the supple features of her body underneath it.  That body was as perfect as perfect could get.  Her breasts were round and firm, with slight nipple points, revealing her bra-less state.  Her torso was toned and curved inwards, before generously extending outwards to hips that had already made the young man pre-cum more times than he had blinked in shock.

The man leaked out another sizable doze of pre-cum as he watched her drop to the ground and pulse her ass up and down to the drum beat of the piece playing.  She looked back at him, and smiled.  He thought his heart would explode.  When she winked and beckoned to him with her fingers, the young man walked as though in a trance.  There was a repeated pattern to the beat now and soon the cult classic, Satisfaction, was blaring out of every speaker in the club.  The girl backed into him, popping her rear back and forth on him, and to the beat.

He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Do you wanna get out of here?”  He asked between breaths that came out more like the excited wheezes of a teenage boy about to lose his virginity.

The girl turned around and leaned into him.  The warmth of her body was melting him into a puddle.  Her lips came tantalizingly close to his neck and her tongue flicked out and caressed his skin sending atomic detonations of pleasure rippling through his body.

“Dear God, please say yes.”  He coughed out, shivering helplessly.

She pulled back and eyed him, her lips twitching up into a wickedly mischievous smile.

“Come with me.”  She finally said.

The young man didn’t need to be told twice.  They walked through the crowd, snaking their way in and out of those drunk on liquor and others drunk on the sound of the music.  Others still, were drunk on both.  Soon, they had made their way to a back hallway where the sound was reduced to a dull thud that resonated within the walls as though the structures were in their own way, moving to the beat.  There were doors on either side of the hallway and the girl opened up the first one, revealing a rather lovely room, with a large and plush king sized Arabian bed positioned at the top of the room.

“Far out.”  The guy said as he strolled inside.  The bed was draped with light pink curtains, and red white covers that were tucked under the polished wooden frame.  A Persian carpet was spread out at the foot of the bed. Positioned diagonally to the left was a dressing table and chair made of dark brown wood.  The man didn’t know rooms like this were available at the club.

“What’s your name?”  The girl asked.

“AJ.”  The man spun around and took a step back.  “Listen… I don’t have much money on me.  I… I don’t think I can afford you.”

If this was her room, he could only guess how much she would charge for her services.  He’d heard of clubs that also allowed high class escorts extend their amorous services to those who were interested.  Some of them lured their ‘clients’ in.

AJ was down to fuck… but he didn’t wanna pay for it.

“Oh don’t be silly.  I don’t want your money.  I just want you inside me.”  The girl purred before shedding her translucent top.

It was as though a wave of wild desire smacked AJ in the face.  Whatever his imaginations were, they had failed to capture the beauty his eyes beheld.  His dick bobbed its head up and down vigorously at the thought of plunging into her depths.  AJ didn’t realize his mouth had been open the whole time.  He quickly shut it and swallowed.

The girl smiled.

“Poor baby.”  She said as she swayed her hips, while walking towards him.  “Let’s not torture you anymore, hmm?”

She got up to him and slid off his jacket.  AJ was already engaged in a life or death battle with his belt.

“I… I didn’t get your name.”  He said, trying to make conversation.

“Merilla.”  She responded, giving him a fluttering glance as she took off his shirt, and pulled down his boxers.

Merilla’s eyes lit up excitedly when she saw the pre-cum ooze out of his dick which was as hard as a steel rod at this point.  She bent low and brought her lips to the tip, giving it a kiss.  AJ shuddered so violently, he almost fell – and Merilla giggled.

“I think it would be safer for both of us, if you laid down on the bed.”  Merilla offered, still giggling.

AJ laughed, slightly embarrassed at the situation.  This was not his first time.  He had been with so many girls, remembering their names was a chore.

Why did she make him feel like he hadn’t had sex in a century?

He just had sex with his girlfriend, two days ago.  His mind went to Chloe.  She was a good girl and had decent looks but she wasn’t… this.

As AJ laid back, his eyes went to Merilla and he swore he was gazing on a vision of divine beauty.  She laid her chest on him and gazed into his eyes with such passion he almost blurted out the forbidden three words.

Get a grip of yourself man.  Don’t screw up the fuck of a lifetime.

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