The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (10)


Chapter Ten


AJ’s breathing got deeper as Merilla took a nipple of his into her mouth.  Her succulent lips wrapped around his nipple and sucked gently but insistently.  A moan escaped his lips before he could catch it and waves of pleasure crashed through him.  Merilla giggled again.  She was certainly enjoying herself.  She continued to tease and caress him until she had just about kissed every inch of his torso.  AJ wanted to fuck so bad.  He wanted to grab her and pull her on top of his dick, but even the foreplay was so enthralling, he couldn’t tell her to stop.  He didn’t want it to stop.

“Now let’s see what you taste like.  Just a little cum.”  Merilla smiled.

“Well… pre-cum is all you are gonna get baby.  I don’t cum from blowjobs.”  AJ warned.

“Oh really?”  Merilla arched an eyebrow up in amusement.  “I’ll just suck up what I can get then.”

The way she said it and the way her voice had caressed the word suck sent a spine tingling wave over AJ.  Before he could say anymore, he felt the warmth of her lips envelop his dick.  He was an observer, watching himself scream, before he realized it was him.

“Oh Merilla!!  Gawwdayummmm!!!  What the fuck?!!”

Merilla only let out a satisfied moan as she continued to skillfully suck up his member, while her tongue simultaneously ran up and down the back of his shaft.  It was like sensory overload.  Her lips felt like heaven and his dick was a rapidly crumbling Klondike bar.

“Oh I’m gonna fucking nut.  It’s a walnut!  It’s a walnut!  Ugghhh!!!”

AJ was now sure that it was humanly possible to piss cum.  His dick throbbed and spurted, and spurted and spurted.


AJ looked up and saw a pool of cum building up around his groin area.


She continued to suck with such calm serenity, it didn’t seem like much going on at all.  However, he could hear the slurping and drinking sounds she made.  It was so goddamn sexy.  She tickled his balls with her finger and his dick rewarded her mouth with another hot blast.  With one more suck, Merilla pulled away and swallowed before proceeding to lick and clean up all the cum that had spilled out.

“Hallefuckinglujah!”  AJ exclaimed as his dick finally went limp.   A sudden wave of weakness hit him and he scurried away.   “I’ve… never come like… that… before.”  He said through rasps of breath.

That had to be inhuman.  Was it even possible to give head like that?

“You’ve never been with a girl like me before.”  Merilla responded while smiling sheepishly.

Damn right!  AJ thought.

And you never will again. 

AJ jumped.  Why would he think that?  No, that hadn’t been him.  It hadn’t sounded like his voice.  He looked at Merilla for a second, while tendrils of fear crept up his spine.

“Did you… say something?”  He asked.

“Say what?”  Merilla asked, with a look of worry on her face.

“I thought I heard you say something.”  AJ insisted and Merilla giggled.

“Silly you.  Did my sucking skills fry something up there?”

She crawled up to him and straddled him, grinding her hips so seductively into his pelvis.  As quickly as it had gone limp, AJ’s manhood began to stir, until it was throbbing hard again.

“You were the one saying all the things, baby.”  She purred and moaned as she began grinding her pussy back and forth on his pelvis.

“Oh, God!”  AJ exclaimed.

“You should feel what my pussy is doing inside right now.  Would you like to?”

“Yes!”  AJ screamed.

Merilla raised herself up and slowly impaled her pussy with his hard erection.

AJ gasped.

His dick was caught in a rippling gripping pussy that shuddered around his entire length, squeezing him, sucking at his tip and then his base.  It pulled on his dick insistently as she began bouncing up and down on him.  She moaned with each squelching slap of her ass that stimulated his balls.  Her pussy was never idle and it continued to suck on AJ’s dick.  He couldn’t scream, or talk.  All his energy was focused on consciously breathing and soon he let out a particularly loud breath as his dick rifled out a mega stream of cum into her core.  The orgasmic release was earth shattering.

“Hah!!!” AJ belted out.

His dick followed with another powerful shot, and then another.  His body was overcome with spine breaking seizures and trembles.  The pleasure was too much… and it was building.  Merilla’s body undulated on him with such ease and smoothness.  It was sinful the way her hips could grind so sexily and then slap on him up and down.

“Merilla… I can’t stop coming.  Oh please.”  AJ licked his lips, which felt dry.

His tongue was certainly parched and his head was beginning to throb.  Something was certainly wrong here.  It felt like all of his being was centered somewhere in his belly and his dick was an outlet – a straw for this beautiful goddess.

“Of course you can’t, my darling.  You won’t until either I stop, or you tell me to.”  Merilla said as she popped her ass up and down his shaft, sending him to another orgasmic crescendo.

“Do you want me to stop?”  She asked as she sucked on his nipples.

“No!”  AJ croaked out.

His hands felt cold and soon they slumped to either side of him.  He couldn’t feel his legs either.  He was all dick and cum now.  A leaf in her sweeping winds, landing wherever she would put him.

He kept cumming.

“You don’t have much time left.  You’ll die if you don’t tell me to stop.”  Merilla warned.

Her pussy grinded on him, sucking on his dick harder and harder until a pristinely pleasurable orgasm ripped through his entire body.  When he came, was the only time he had feeling and he yearned for it.

“Don’t stop!”  AJ said as tears fell from his eyes.

There was pressure building… and all of him knew it was the last one.  He kept pumping and soon he was speaking in gibberish.

“Shhhh… it’s okay now.”  The succubus purred.  “Just enjoy this last one… right before I send you to hell.”

AJ’s eyes widened in panic, but he could not speak.  He shut his eyes as a final acutely pleasurably orgasm erupted within him and destroyed the last spark of consciousness in him.  He pumped out the last of his seed and the succubus moaned like a satisfied mistress who had been treated to the best dinner ever.

She looked down at her shriveled up prey and smiled before dissolving into the air, like she was never there.

…to be continued.























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