The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (8)

Chapter Eight

“Ah… yes.  The seductive demon.”

The old man who spoke, shot Marie and Caroline a sweeping glare with his wide eyes.  They had a maniacal glint to them and when he smiled to reveal his browning teeth, it only added to the effect.  The old man’s hair would have been white but it was clear from the off white hue dirt and dandruff had gifted him, that showers were not a usual part of his daily routine.  His shaggy and unkempt beard was not spared either.

“It is every man’s dream, but you need to know how to summon them.  That is the start.”  He chuckled mostly to himself before shooting them another one of his wild glances.  “Then you need to learn how to control them.”

“How do I prove that one of these… things… killed a man?”

The old man chuckled once again.

“The corpse.  Did it have an impressive… erection perhaps?”

Caroline shot Marie a suspicious glance and the red head, twiddled her fingers nervously.

“Yes… it… he… did.”

“There is no point being sentimental, detective.  The man is dead isn’t he?  What’s left behind in this realm is a corpse.  In the spirit realm?  Nothing but damnation awaits him.”

“What?  What do you mean?”  Marie asked as she jerked her head up and shot the man a stare so cold, it could freeze hell over.

“What do you mean by damnation?!”  She asked as she shot up to her feet.

Her head crashed into the dangling light bulb above, and Marie cursed under her breath.  She had completely forgotten that the room they were in was small and dingy.  She had broken the light bulb and the room had grown darker now.  The only source of light were the rows of red and white candles arranged in a staircase like manner to their right.  It barely illuminated the left side of the man’s face and in the dim light she could just make out the smelly animal skin the man used for a carpet.  She cursed again, realizing she had been sitting on it.

“Hell.  That’s what I mean.”  The old man who had been staring at her with a sickening smile, offered.  He licked his lips and continued.

“Succubi are charged by the devil himself, to drag the souls of men to the abyss that incinerates the soul.  The purer the soul, the more difficult it is to drag beneath.  However, if that soul were to become contaminated… then it becomes another matter.”

“Contaminated?”  Caroline asked.

“Sin is contamination!”  The old man yelled.  The women lurched backwards in fright.  “The moment a man sins, especially of the flesh, he is ripe for a succubus’s very pleasurable and very deadly attention.”

“Then just about every man on the planet should be in danger, but they aren’t.”  Caroline argued.

The man tilted his head as he stared at her the way a confused dog might at a creature it has never seen before.

“Who says they aren’t?  Protection my succulent peach.  Protection prevents demons of all kinds from tearing at humans and ripping out their souls.”

“And where does this protection come from?”  Marie spat before she could stop herself.  She earned herself another threatening glare from Caroline.

“Oh… outside and within.”

Caroline let out a sigh of exasperation.

“I don’t have time for vague and mysterious answers.  How does a succubus choose its victim?”

“There are three ways Succubi can gain permission to feed on men.  The first is if the man is already overly corrupt with sin… particularly the sin of the flesh.  The second is if they can get a pure soul to fall into sin and take advantage of him then.  This is generally harder and many a Succubi have tried and failed to do this.  The third, is if the Succubus is summoned to either give pleasure to the one who summons it, or to someone else.  In all cases, the protection within has been corrupted and the protection without must have left the person.”

“What happens when the succubus completes its task?”

“It depends on both the succubus and her master.  A succubus always feeds when she has sex.  If the master has control, whether or not she kills him is entirely up to the master.  If the master doesn’t… their life, and the lives of the men around them are at the very whim of the succubus.  A rather sensuously delectable and dangerous proposition.  A master with control, will send the demon back to hell.”

“And let me guess, a master without, can’t.”  Caroline surmised, dryly.

“Ah yes.  And that my friends, is a very big problem.  A Succubus on the loose, is like a serial killer set free.”

“You are telling me this thing will kill again?”

The old man chuckled and held his belly before flashing the two women another one of his intense stares.

“Knowing Succubi, if one is really lose, she already has.”


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