A Shade of Halloween (13)


Chapter Thirteen

I was very excited when my mum told me I was getting discharged one week later. While I hadn’t completely forgotten about Alex, I no longer broke down every time thoughts of him crossed my mind. It still got me sad but I guess time helped the flood gates acquire a lid to keep them in check.

The last time I cried over Alex was two days ago, when I watched short clips from his funeral in the local news. I couldn’t stand the sight of close family members balling their eyes out, especially his mum. My heart went out to them but all I could do was sit on my hospital bed and cry. It frustrated me that I couldn’t be there to bid him the final goodbye but I made a note to take flowers to his grave as soon as I was up to it.

“How are you feeling today, Selena?” A smart looking nurse asked, after checking my vitals.

“I feel fine.” I replied.

“Your report came in from the psychiatrist this morning, showing you’re in a stable mental state and can return to class.” She stated with a smile.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I gave a small smile in return.

“We understand the effects of trauma to the mind, which is why we had the evaluation done on you. Everything looks good for now but if you experience anything unusual like repeated nightmares or black outs, please report it to the hospital immediately.” She added.

At this point, I remembered my nightmares. I wanted to report it but decided against it. They were just too embarrassing. Besides, they’ll judge me and think I was thinking about my lecturer in an inappropriate manner – which was not the case.

“Sure, I will.” I replied instead.

She turned to my mum and asked her to grab my drugs from the dispensary before leaving. It felt great to be back in normal clothes again. That hospital gown was a bit too plain and depressing.

My mind went back to my dorm and I wondered what my reaction would be when I got back there for the first time after the incident. The thought was scary to be honest, but I had to do it. I had to find the incriminating note and destroy it before anyone else did.

I wonder why the police haven’t found the note yet. I left it right on his pillow.

I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the hospital room, hoping never to return. At least not for something as traumatic as what I just experienced.

I got back to my dorm after bidding my mum goodbye and realized I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go back into my room alone.

My mum had insisted on coming in with me but I turned her offer down, saying I could handle it. She asked if I was sure about that and I nodded convincingly. I really thought I could. Besides, I didn’t want anyone to be there when I got in, just in case the note I wrote was lying somewhere. I guess I had no idea how deeply I was affected by the incident.

I stopped on Trina Bayle’s floor and knocked on her door. I wanted to ask her to come with me because she had paid me a number of visits at the hospital. Unfortunately, there was no response. The door was locked and I had no option but to go up to my room alone.

I inserted the key and turned the knob. I wanted to walk right in but a silly thought popped up in my head, preventing me from doing so immediately.

What if I go in and the person who killed Alex jumps from behind the door and slits my throat?

It was a terrifying thought but I consoled myself with the fact that the police had searched everywhere around the dorm. There were no traces of any stranger. Besides, with all the publicity going on with the case, I was doubtful the killer would lurk around.

I waited outside for a couple of seconds, listening for any sounds that might emanate from inside the room. There was none. With shaky fingers, I pushed the door open and screamed in shock.

“Surprise!!!” My dorm mates screamed, with excited smiles on their faces.

They almost scared me out of my mind. I let out a sigh of relief and smiled at the many faces who welcomed me with smiles and hugs.

“Sorry!” Vanessa Bridges stated, making a cute face.

I was forced to laugh. It was much better to be surprised by them, than by a psycho killer.

Trina Bayle came up to me and hugged me once everyone dispersed to drink.

“It’s so good to have you back.” She said, hugging me again.

“Thank you so much.” I replied.

“Thank all you guys!” I screamed at the crowd of students in my room.

It was really thoughtful of them to do this for me and I had no idea I was loved this much by them.

For every horrible person out there, there are tons of awesome ones.” I smiled at the thought in my head.

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