The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (6)

Chapter Six

The small bungalow sat on a very quiet part of Laurine Street in Danvers – a small town right on the outskirts of Boston.  The bungalow wore a coat of fading white paint and the haphazard look of the front yard belied the owner’s disinterest in keeping up appearances.

Caroline Summers and Lucas Barr walked up to the front porch of the bungalow.  As they approached the door, their ears were quickly assaulted with the sounds of deep moaning, and slurping sounds that were reminiscent of a person sucking up the last remnants of a mountain dew can, through a straw.  Caroline and Lucas exchanged glances, and approached a window, which offered a view into the living room.  They both peered inside, making sure to remain concealed.

“Oh my…” Lucas whispered as they looked in.

A man sat naked on a sofa positioned opposite the window.  His legs were spread apart and his head lolled back and forth while the woman who knelt between them, bobbed her head up and down repeatedly.  The man groaned again, as the woman slowed down her motions and sucked on his throbbing shaft much harder.  She sensuously wrapped her lips around the middle of his shaft and continued to pulse her lips while dragging and sucking his dick into her mouth, from the base to the tip.

“Sweet muthafucking… Je.. . Je…sus!! Helga! I’m gonna nut!  Ugghhhhh!!”

They could see a thick glob of cum roll down his shaft followed by another, and another.

“Helga’s pretty good.”  Lucas said, as he smiled at Caroline who took a deep breath.

“Well, now that she’s finished her protein meal,  may we knock?”  Caroline asked sarcastically.

“You need to get laid.”  Lucas said, as he rapped on the door a few times.

Caroline could see the two lovers scrambling for their clothes once they heard the knocks.

“Who is it?!”  Helga asked as she quickly slipped on her dress, forgetting her panties as she did.

“This is the police.  We are looking for a Helga Davis.  Is she in?”  Caroline asked.

“What do you want?”  Helga retorted.

“We just have a few questions ma’am.”

There was a pause and Caroline turned to Lucas, whispering.

“She seriously forgot to put on her panties!  I’m gonna be talking to a woman, with no panties on, in a room reeking of sex.”

Lucas looked at her in amusement.

“You do need to get laid.”

The door opened and the brunette with the amazing head game stood at the front door.  She was a tall woman, with a slender figure and long legs.  Her thin face angled in to her pointy nose and her cheeks were splattered with light freckles.

“Hi.”  The woman said, tentatively.

“Are you Helga Davis?”  Caroline summers asked in her most professional tone.

“Yes.  Is there any trouble?”  Helga asked, looking a bit perturbed by their presence.

“No ma’am.  We’d just like to have a word with you concerning an investigation.  May we come inside?”  Lucas flashed her a practiced charming smile.

“Yeah… sure.”  She responded as she stepped back and let them walk inside.

Helga shut the door and turned around to see both detectives standing.

“You can sit.”  She beckoned to the two couches, one of them being the one her lover had blown his load on.

“We’ll be fine here ma’am.”  Caroline said as both she and Lucas sat on the sofa instead.

Helga slowly sat on the dreaded couch.

“So, what investigation are you here to see me about?  What happened?”  Helga asked.

Caroline brought out a picture of Jake, lying in the morgue.

“Did you know this man?”  She asked, studying Helga.

There was a slight raise of the lady’s eyebrows, before they settled back and her face became expressionless once more.

“Yeah.  He was… my ex.  Jake.  What… what happened to him?”  She turned to look at Caroline.

“He died two nights ago, after having sex with his girlfriend, Marie.”  Caroline stated flatly

There was a flash of anger on Helga’s face.

“Shouldn’t you be talking to Marie then?”

“Tell me, Helga.” Caroline started and leaned forward.  “Did you and Jake break up on amicable terms?”

“We didn’t break up, officer.”  Helga corrected.  “He dumped me.  That doesn’t happen under amicable circumstances does it?”

Caroline sighed and Helga continued.

“It was… hard.  I’ve tried to move on with my life over the last six months.  Every day is a step.  I’ve come a long way.”

“Have you?”  Caroline asked.  “Did you truly, let him go?  It’s pretty common to feel bitter about being… dropped off, you know.”

“Excuse me?  I have my dignity as a woman.  If he wanted to go for that bitch then he was free.  Look what it got him.”  Helga snapped.

The temper flare up was surprising and alarming at the same time.  Helga had shot up to her feet in her tantrum and Caroline caught sight of part of a black book tucked away in the side of the couch she was sitting on.  The front letters could only be partially seen.






Caroline’s mind snapped back to Marie’s words.

“Do your fact finding, detective.  But until you consider what I am telling you, nothing will fucking make sense.”

Caroline needed to play her cards right.

“We understand your pain, Miss. Davis but an innocent man is dead.  What has got us curious is how he died.  A massive heart attack claimed his life after a very furious loss of body moisture occurred.”

There was a glint of something in Helga’s eye, and Caroline recognized it immediately.  Fear.  Helga shrugged as she regained her composure.

“Maybe they were doing drugs and fucking.  Bad shit happens when you combine both.”  She said, calmly.

“You do have a point.  We’ll look into that.  It’s just the way he died… it was almost otherworldly.”  Caroline caught the slight flinch of Helga’s shoulder and got up sighing.  She pulled out a business card from her wallet and handed it over to Helga.

“Miss Davis, sorry for wasting your time.  Here’s my card.  If you remember anything that may help with the case, kindly give me a call.”

“I sure will.”  Helga responded.  She handed Caroline back the picture she had given her.

Caroline sighed again.

“It really sucks to be Jake… or Marie.  Feels like life threw their budding love under the bus early.”

She glanced at Helga once more.  The brunette’s skin had gone white with terror.  Caroline gave her a wry smile.

“We’ll be in touch.”

The detectives let themselves out and made their way towards the car.

“Uh… mind filling me in on what that was about?”  Lucas asked once they were out of earshot.

“It’s a crazy hunch I have.  I can’t say anything right now, but get a patrol tracking Helga Davis’s every movement.  I also need to get back to Jake’s apartment.  I need to do some studying.”


“Just trust me on this one, partner.”  Caroline said.

Lucas studied her.  There was a glimmer of excitement in her eye.  It was always there when Caroline got on a trail.  There was a reason they called her the blood hound back at the station.  Once she locked in, she wouldn’t give up until she uncovered all her suspect’s secrets.  She sure was locked in now.

“Sure thing.”  Lucas finally responded.

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