The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (5)

Chapter Five

Caroline poured over the autopsy report Lawrence had put together.  The toxicology report lay halfway open on the right side of her desk.  It just didn’t make sense.  The autopsy report had placed the cause of death as severe dehydration, followed by a massive heart attack.  What Caroline found ridiculous was that according to blood sample analysis, the dehydration had happened almost instantaneously.  From the dead cell structure, Lawrence theorized a matter of minutes at best.  The toxicology report showed no recreational drugs in Jake’s system and none in Marie’s.  All this meant one thing.  Marie hadn’t killed Jake… at least not by a drug overdose.

Could she have accidentally sexed him to death and is too embarrassed to admit it?

Caroline dismissed the thought.  Jake’s skin had shriveled from the massive loss of moisture and he had very little plasma left in his body.  There was no way sex could do that.  They had done a little digging into Jake’s background and it looked as though everything Marie told her checked out.  Jake had been the geek in school and wasn’t too popular with the girls.  Even after college, he was the invisible guy at work.  He came in early, did his job, left right at 5pm and was back the next day.  He practically had no social life, so how he had the time to land a girl like Marie, baffled Caroline.

As she got up from her desk and paced around, Lucas opened her office door and walked in.  He watched her pace around for a while before speaking.

“Frustrated?”  He asked.

“What does it look like?”  Caroline fired back.

She hated catching an attitude with her partner but having no leads had left her with a short fuse.  Lucas let out a low chuckle and Caroline couldn’t help but smile.  That’s what she appreciated about him.  He understood her and even with her fiery ways, she could always count on him to have her back.

“It’s freaking confusing, Luc.  We’ve got a dead guy who seems to have spontaneously lost all the moisture in his body, which induced a heart attack.  We don’t know anything or any substance that causes that and there’s no trace of anything in his bloodstream.  Just to cap it off, the only person present at the scene, tells me it was a succubus.  Why?  Cos the dead guy who can’t talk, said it.”

Caroline threw her hands in the air in exasperation.

“Pretty much.”  Lucas concurred.  “However, it doesn’t look like our witness told us everything she knew.”

Caroline stopped dead in her tracks.

“What?  Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“That’s why I came here.”

“Then why didn’t you fucking mention it?!”

“Hey I met you pacing and ranting.  I needed you to calm down first of all.”

Caroline took in a deep breath.



“What you got for me?”

“Say please.”

“Don’t make me shoot you.”

“Okay you win.”  Lucas smiled as he handed her a folder.

Caroline flipped through the pages, examining the contents.  After a few minutes of studying them, she looked back up at Lucas.

“Big dick Jake, had an ex.  He broke up with her six months ago, but guess who he was already seeing at the time?”

“Marie.”  Caroline concluded.

“Exactly.  She of the devilish hips, bumped Jake’s ex out of his life and I don’t think she took it too well.”

“What’s the ex’s name?”  Caroline asked.

“Helga.” Lucas chuckled.  “Helga Davis.”

“Oh Christ.”  Caroline said, rolling her eyes.  “I guess it’s time to pay Helga a visit.”

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