Vampire Brothel

Eric Romanoff – Client 026 (2)

Chapter Two

I wish to go to Dwayne’s mystery place in the woods.

I laughed at the ridiculousness of the sentence. It was like a running joke in my head. I couldn’t believe I spent my entire morning thinking about this place. I needed a distraction, alright. This one certainly helped.

I walked around the underground warehouse that was my base. It was filled with staff and magic. That’s what we called the coke at the base. It ensured unauthorized ears never got their hands pinned on our operations. A brilliant idea by Rupee.


No, I didn’t want to think about him. His time here was over. For some reason, he just couldn’t rest in peace. Takeovers happen all the time and people get hurt in the process. He knew the dangers of the underworld before getting in. I had taken just about enough of his guilt game. I needed to get out of it somehow… anyhow.

Dwayne’s mystery place in the woods.

It was a sure laughter bank. I don’t know why, but it worked with my stress. I decided to think about it every time Rupee popped up in my head – which was a lot. Perhaps I could think about it at night too. That would save me from the haunting nightmares that plagued my nights.

I checked on the supervisors at the warehouse as well as the guys in accounting. Everything looked cool. As long as the money was coming in, life was good.

The update on the DC case came by 4 pm. One of my scouts had led the feds on a wild goose chase somewhere at the other end of town, allowing them offload the magic without hiccups.

I loved it when things went smoothly. It meant I could take some time to celebrate. Those feds can be a pain in the butt. In my usual style, I invited everyone at the base to the club we frequented for celebrations. They had worked hard, it was time to party. Besides, watching everyone else having fun was a good way to distract myself from my inner demons.

We arrived at the club by 11 pm and I headed straight to the VIP section. Everyone already had their tip handed out to them before we left the warehouse, so they could make their own purchases. Spending large amounts of money in clubs was a red flag that alerted the feds and I didn’t want them on my trail. Whenever I wanted to spend on everyone, I gave them the money beforehand. That way, everyone still had fun on my account and we lived to party another day.

I sat in a corner, watching the guys dancing with ladies who threw themselves willingly at them. Normally, I would smoke to relax, but today I didn’t feel a need to. I just sipped on a cocktail… okay… maybe two or three cocktails. It doesn’t make much of a difference, does it?

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit with you?”

I looked up and saw the most charming facial features I had ever laid my eyes on. I had no idea where he came from, but that was probably because I was distracted by my thoughts. His icy blue eyes pierced through to my soul, and I felt naked before him.

“Um…yeah…sit.” I stuttered.

“Who are you and what do you want?” I asked, trying to sound tough.

It was a façade and he knew it. His smile said it all. He looked at me like he knew my deepest secrets – and that turned me on.

He touched the back of my palm lightly, sending overwhelming sensations down to my cock. I pulled my hand away instantly, not wanting him or anyone else to know the effect he had on me.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to pretend with me. Your secret’s safe.” He said to me in the most sexy and husky voice ever.

I blinked rapidly, as if trying to ascertain whether or not he was real. I believed I had done a good job showing everyone I was straight. No one knew I was truly gay. Absolutely no one. How did this stranger know to approach me?

I wanted to ask what secret he meant but something told me I didn’t want to hear the answer. Besides, making him say it out loud would be risky. Anyone could overhear him. The underworld considered gay guys to be wimps. I didn’t want to be seen that way by my crew. I didn’t want the unnecessary takeover attempts a seemingly weak boss would elicit from rivals and insiders alike. I needed to know more about this guy and why I was devilishly attracted to him.

Is he from a rival circle? Has someone found out about me somehow? But how? I go to bed with a girl as often as I can manage.

“I’m only here to make your deepest desires come true. You don’t have to live in the shadows all by yourself. You don’t need anyone knowing about this either. I’m offering you a balance. Meet me at the Vee-Bee just off Harbor highway. There’s a green sign where you can enter. I’ll be waiting for you tonight.” He said.

I didn’t have the time to respond because I saw two of my guys approaching us from the corner of my eyes.

“Everything okay there, Eric?” One of them asked.

“Oh, sure.” I replied.

The stranger nodded at me and walked off. I didn’t even get his name. All I could do was watch his firm ass from behind as he placed one foot in front of the other, increasing the distance between us. It was a struggle to keep my cock in line. The dangling idiot was throbbing forcefully and threatening to tear its way out of my pants.

I’ve been attracted to a number of guys in my lifetime but none of them had made me feel this way. This stranger was damn too attractive to walk away from him. I could already imagine my lips on his.

“You sure that guy didn’t mean any harm? You’ve been staring in the direction he went.” Another guy said.

That was when I realized I was indeed staring at the last spot the attractive stranger had been.

“Yeah, he didn’t.” I smiled.

I emptied my cocktail and requested for a lap dance from one of the strippers. I needed to do that to take the guys’ attention away from what happened with the stranger. Besides, I needed my cock to behave and what better way to achieve that than to have a girl shake her unattractive ass in front of me?


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