Vampire Brothel

Alexa Baron – Client 006 (7)

Chapter Seven

“I’ll race you to the woods.” Dmitri said, disappearing soon after.

Alexa’s intention was simply to run after him. She was alarmed at how fast she moved. The cool night breeze bounced against her face from all directions, giving her an undeniable feeling of elation. Running had never felt so good. She spread her arms wide and welcomed the thrill of the moment. If she could, she would run forever… but running could wait. Severing whatever ties she had with Duncan was a lot more important to her than anything else.

By the time she got to the woods surrounding the Vampire Brothel, two things were clear. First, older Vamps were a lot faster than newer Vamps. Dmitri had not only arrived a couple of seconds before her, but had taken the spare time to treat himself to a meal. A bottle of what was previously known to her as tasty raspberry juice was in his hand, almost empty.

The second thing that was clear was the ability of Vamps to convey their intentions without words. Dmitri only said he would race her to the woods. He didn’t say what part of the woods he intended to meet her but somehow, she knew. She ran right to him without being expressly told where he was.

Super cool.” She thought.

Being a Vampire was beginning to feel like a good deal.

“You bet it is. Being a Vamp is awesome!” Dmitri smiled.

His response made Alexa laugh. Regardless of the new knowledge she possessed, hearing someone else respond to her thoughts was still a little weird. She could still hear the naughty thoughts of aroused humans but they bothered her less. Thinking about them as potential food sources surely helped – in a bizarre way.

Dmitri rushed towards her with unnatural speed. He picked her up and backed her up against a tree trunk. His icy blue eyes glowed in the moonlight, making them appear even more attractive.

Their lips met slowly at first, then hungrily. Deep stirrings of lust suddenly awoke in the pit of her stomach, pushing her to do naughty things she didn’t know she was capable of.

Dmitri let out a soft moan as she grabbed and squeezed on his crotch. He licked the surface of her lips invitingly, only to bite the bottom lip immediately after. A thrill of pleasure coursed through her body as the sharp pain registered itself in her senses. It caused her to push her tongue deeper into his mouth. The deeper she probed, the more satisfaction she derived. She felt like she could lose herself in his kiss… and she did.

Dmitri trailed hot, passionate kisses down her neck. They left bursts of pleasure capable of igniting flammable explosions in their wake. As she enveloped herself in the warmth of his passion, his finger found her core, rubbing and probing to produce even greater pleasures.

Alexa moaned from pleasure, clutching unto his shoulders and digging her fingernails in. The force of her push caused his skin to break, drawing blood to the surface.

“Go ahead, taste it.” He encouraged her.

Alexa put her lips to the source, drawing in the warm liquid. A sense of satisfaction flowed through her core. It was subtle at first, but quickly became intense. A wave of excitement crashed against her frame. It felt like she was on a drug of some sort.

“Vamp blood is just like crack, isn’t it?” Dmitri asked.

Alexa didn’t reply because she couldn’t get herself to pull away from the blood. As she drank, he penetrated her forcefully. The sheer force and pleasure of his entry caused her to scream in a high pitched throaty manner. She could see a sea of bats rise into the air at the sound of her moan but it didn’t detract her. She arched her pelvis in a way that granted him greater access as he moved in and out of her.

The bats usually rise to the first Vamp sex. It’s like a ‘welcome to the fold’ ritual for new Vamps.” She heard Dmitri say – in her head.

Alexa was on an all-time high. The effects of Dmitri’s blood in her system lingered, heightened by the sweet pleasures of his thrusts. His cock dug deeper and deeper into her, exploring spots she never knew existed. There wasn’t a moment of silence from the time his cock entered her. She moaned louder and louder, attracting even more bats which began circulating the area overhead.

Visions began to make themselves clear in her mind. She wrapped her legs around Dmitri like her life depended on it. As he fucked her, she saw herself in the middle of a circle surrounded by fire. A dark hooded figure was on one side, asking her to remain in the circle. Dmitri called out to her from outside the circle. He was handsome and sexy, way too sexy to resist.

“Let me in, Lexa.” He said softly.

It sounded like a ringing in her head. It was very distinct, loud and clear. She knew she had a choice to make. Something in the circle held her in place. She looked at the hooded figure again. While she couldn’t make out the face, she could tell the person was male. He looked fit and sexy too. Her curious side told her to stay in the circle and explore what pleasures laid behind the mystery.

“It’s Duncan, Lexa. It’s his bond trying to keep you. You have to let go now!”

She heard the voice in her head but nobody spoke in the vision she saw. Staying in the circle suddenly became too tempting to resist. Then, in a brief flash, the moment of her death came back to her. She jumped with all her might, falling right outside the circle. Everything went blank after that.

In Dmitri’s arms, he could tell she was having a hard time letting go of the bond. It was normal. New Vamps tended to hold on to the Vamp that turned them but he couldn’t let that stay true in this case. He hoped she would come out of the circle… and be wholly his.

Regardless of the story he told her, he knew the truth. Alexa Baron touched a special place in his heart. He thought that part of him died with his humanity but now, he knew different.

As he felt his load well up inside him, he lost hope. It would be all over once he spilled. The bond had to be broken in one sexual encounter. For whatever reason, Alexa remained in the circle and it drove him crazy. He couldn’t let Duncan have her… Heck, he couldn’t let anyone have her.

It was with great delight he received her unconscious body into his arms, knowing fully well the decision she had made in that final moment. One second later and he would have lost. Thankfully, losing was something he never had to contend with.

Once again, Duncan. We know who the true victor is.” He thought to the vast expanse of memory.

With a smile on his face, he carried the unconscious Alexa back into the building.

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