A Shade of Halloween (6)

Chapter Six

I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark room. Memories from my last conscious moment slowly drifted back to my mind, causing me to sit up sharply. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I walked away from the bed I was, feeling my surroundings for anything solid to grasp. I couldn’t believe Alex was gone, and in such a despicable manner. It just wasn’t fair. I thought about all the times I teased him. It was just a joke then but now I felt different.

My grief shook my being for all of five minutes, as I wandered around the dark and lonely room. My rationality kicked in soon after, reminding me of the inconsistencies in my reality.

Where am I?

The last thing I remembered was screaming in terror as I stared at Alex’s lifeless body on my bed. How I moved from my dorm to this dark room remained a mystery. I had no clue where to begin with deciphering the technicalities of the movement to my current location.

My outstretched hand hit something solid and I quickly realized what it was. A wall. I felt my pockets for my cellphone to provide some luminescence to the darkness but it wasn’t there. I remembered slipping it into my backpack at the library. That was the reason I couldn’t find it on me. The next rational thing to do was feel the walls for a light switch. I proceeded with that task, my tears slowing down with the distraction.

I felt frustrated and helpless. I didn’t know if to call out for help or not. Who would keep me in a dark room all by myself?

Have I been kidnapped?

I remembered the fast moving shadow I thought I saw at the library. I wondered if it was actually someone stalking me. I immediately went into panic as fear formed a slow moving stream under my skin.

Don’t scream. Keep it together.” I mentally consoled myself.

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