Vampire Brothel

Alexa Baron – Client 006 (6)

Chapter Six

Alexa woke up one more time, but as a totally different person.

“Your transformation is complete.” The middle aged Vampire said to her from a corner of the room.

“Did you sit here the whole time?” She asked.

“Yes, I did.” He replied. “I see you’re a lot calmer towards me now. You must have recollected your final mortal moments.”

“You were there.” She said.

It was more of a statement than a question. She knew who he was now – Dmitri. He had saved her from the other Vampire whose intention was to drink from her until she was dead. She never really escaped from him. He let her go because he wanted to hunt her down. It was all a fun sport to him until Dmitri showed up.

“His name is Duncan. It’s very typical of him to leave his identity in the shadows. He enjoys the mystery.” Dmitri replied.

“Is he here?” She asked.

“Oh, no. He’s a lone rider, that one. Causing trouble for the rest of the clan.” Dmitri replied.

“Let’s forget about him for now. There are certain things you need to learn.”

This time, Alexa was more willing to listen. A lot had been revealed in her sleep but there was still a lot more to learn.

“There is one thing you should remember at all times. The hunters.” He said.

“The hunters?” She asked, unsure if she actually heard him right.

“Yes. They are everywhere and they always come up with new ways to vanquish us. To stay alive, we need to stay out of their radar – which brings us to why I’m telling you all this. We’re Vampires and we need to feed. Uncontrolled feeding produces a trail of human bodies which lead the hunters straight to us.”

“Okay…” She was listening intently now.

“Real life hunters are very different from the stories you hear. They are brutal, have sophisticated weapons, and work with spells that keep us locked down while they drive their silly stakes through our hearts. Believe me when I tell you this. A stake through the heart is the most excruciating death anyone can experience.”

Alexa cringed as she pictured his words. She didn’t exactly love being a Vampire but she loved being alive. She was ready to do whatever she needed to, if that would keep the hunters away.

“We have a simple strategy for survival and that is feeding without traces. If there are no bodies, there will be no hunters tracking us down. Besides, the blood tastes better when the human offers it willingly.” Dmitri continued.

“So we feed without killing the humans.” Alexa completed his statement.

It was weird to refer to other people as ‘the humans’. Dmitri nodded and continued speaking.

“You’re catching on. Right now, we’re in a place known as the Vampire Brothel. To the humans who come here, it’s the VeeBee. We lure them in with the promise of great sex and we feed from them in the process. They usually love it and don’t complain. Now, here’s the good part. Sex with a Vampire leads to the creation of a bond with the partner. They have a strong pull towards the Vampire who fucked them and always return. That gives us our steady and uninterrupted stream of food supply.”

“So, fuck and feed.” Alexa summarized.

Dmitri smiled.

“That pretty much sums it up.” He said.

“The thoughts you hear in your head belong to sexually aroused humans. Vampires have a very strong sexual energy which gets attracted by the free flowing sexual energy in the atmosphere. When humans get aroused, they harbor naughty thoughts. These thoughts flow straight to creatures with high sexual affinity – like us. We harness the thoughts and locate the human owners. They’re already aroused so a little persuasion is all we need to bring them here. Once they experience the pleasures we give, they belong to us for their lifetime. Because we need a lot of blood, we need to attract a lot of humans. Are things getting clearer now?

Alexa nodded. It sounded like a simple strategy.

“How do you avoid conflicts? What if two Vamps go after the same human?” She asked.

Dmitri smiled.

“Every Vamp who targets a human leaves a mark. It’s like an innate feeling. You just know who the human belongs to – and you stay away.”

“So, I have to target humans now?” She asked again.

“Eventually.” He replied. “Right now, I need to change the Vamp you belong to. As it stands, Duncan has a pull on you because he turned you. He can find you wherever you are, and call you to him… except you give yourself willingly to another Vamp.”

The thought of Duncan brought back memories of her death. Alexa hated him. She hated to be his.

“How do I give myself?” She asked, already suspecting the answer.

“A sexual bond is unlike every other. It keeps you completely bound to a Vamp and severs any other ties you had before it.” He replied.

It was all Alexa needed to hear. Whatever released her from Duncan’s bond was more than welcome. Besides, Dmitri was a looker himself. She couldn’t deny the promise of pleasure behind his icy blue eyes.

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