A Shade of Halloween (4)

Chapter Four

I got into the library and went straight to the History section. Early twentieth century belief materials were arranged at the far back, behind a cream colored wall that almost completely obscured it from the rest of the library.

Whose genius idea is it to keep spooky stuff in a concealed area?” I wondered.

I noticed the librarian at the History section had been changed. A geeky looking brunette with circular rimmed glasses sat behind the desk at the entrance where Rose used to sit.

Rose has probably moved on with her career.” I thought.

I glanced at the screen of my cellphone one last time before putting the device in my backpack. Alex still hadn’t returned my call or replied to my text. I guessed he must be really engrossed in whatever it was that kept him preoccupied.

I walked over to the huge bookshelves that lined the section’s walls. A quick scan through the navigation sheet pasted beside the first bookshelf informed me of the right directions to get to the subjects I was interested in – Spiritual beliefs, Eugenics and African-American culture.

My goal was to pick two texts from each belief area to study. That should give me a fair idea of the occurrences under each area at the time. I stuck with the plan until I arrived at the spiritual beliefs section. There were tons of books with pretty interesting titles that caught my interest. I made an exception for that belief area and selected four books. I was making my way to a desk where I could read, when a book title caught my eye.

Sophia Ryder (1881 – Unknown)

The first two words of the title was what caught my attention really. It was puzzling to see a book in that section with my full name as its title.

What are the odds?

I picked the book off the bookshelf before I noticed the rest of the title. 1881 – Unknown immediately heightened my curiosity.

Did that Sophia Ryder disappear or something?

I hurried to a desk and set the books down. I had to make a decision. Save Sophia Ryder for later when I’m finished with the others or dive in immediately? Every rational cell in my brain said to keep Sophia Ryder for later, so I went with that option.

As I researched and took notes from the other texts, my eyes glanced at the dark brown book cover with my name on it. Its color was eerily similar to the color of my hair. Keeping my curiosity on a leash was getting increasingly more difficult but I had to do it. Whatever was salvageable of my reputation in class depended on it. I had to put in a good research paper submission.

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