A Shade of Halloween (2)

Chapter Two

“Good morning, class.”

“Good morning, Mr. Ross.” The class chorused.

Obviously, everyone knew the tutor’s name except me. I had missed the first class of the semester because I had to stay back and console Alex, after his heart wrenching breakup from Liz Don. Their relationship had lasted a total of fourteen hours and twenty six seconds when Liz pulled the plug. She probably woke up from her drunken slumber and realized she had agreed to date the school’s biggest nerd. Poor her.

Alex had a very hard time accepting the fact that he had lost his first ever girlfriend before he even got the chance to kiss her. The result? Alex wallowed in a puddle of tears on our dorm room floor, and the compassionate, sympathetic and awesome me, missed my first History class to console him… and I intend to major in History.

“Welcome to the US History since 1877 course. Textbooks and notepads on the table, please. Cellphones should either be off or placed on silent. No vibrations, silent!” Mr. Ross read out the riot act, AKA rules.

Students ransacked their backpacks for the required texts, noisily placing them on the tables in front of them. I decided to send a quick text to Alex since I hadn’t heard from him all morning.

Where the hell are you? Text me!

I put my cellphone on silent mode and straightened up on my chair. I needed to know when Alex replied my text, so I placed my cellphone on the table as well.

“For those of you who missed the introductory class, my name is Richard Ross. And NO, you can’t call me R.R or any other abbreviations you students come up with. I don’t accept late papers, irrespective of your excuse. The door to my class is always open so I can throw you out whenever you break the rules. I don’t accept late coming either. If you’re late and decide to walk in through the open door, I’ll send you out of my next five classes. Now that you’re all familiar with the rules, turn your textbooks to page 10.” Mr. Ross ended with a cold smile.

Talk about unpleasant… and creepy!” I thought.

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