A Shade of Halloween (1)

Chapter One

“31 – 10 – 2016: The day you die!”

I stared at the note in front of me and smiled. It’s only the 24th of June and my roommate, Alex is already preparing for Halloween. It was way too obvious he dropped the note beside my pillow. Who else has access to my room in the middle of the night? I was sure the note wasn’t there at the time I went to sleep because I would have seen it. Besides, Alex is the only one I know who has no life. When other people are out having a great time, or are indoors taking a beauty nap of awesomeness (like me), only people with no life A.K.A. Alex sneak up on them and place creepy Halloween notes beside their pillow.

It’s not even October yet, for Pete’s sake!

I decided to make things a little interesting. I got off my bed and walked to the drawer where I had my box of pens. I picked up a red one and scribbled “A single slit of the throat” on the piece of paper and placed it on Alex’s pillow.

That should tell him I’m on to his silly prank.” I thought, going into the bathroom for my morning shower.

I showered, brushed my teeth and stood in front of my mirror for the best part of the day – Makeup.

I love fashion in general but makeup is my favorite bit. Over the top shades of blue, red and black always make my day pop. I applied a double layer of eyeliner for the dramatic eye effect I loved and was just applying my mascara when I caught movement in the room behind me from the side of my eye.

I turned around sharply and surveyed the room. It was empty. I shook my head and sighed. I must have imagined it.

Picking my backpack from the side of my bed, I slung it over my shoulder and walked out of the room. Classes start by eight and the last thing I want is to be late.

Click HERE to read Chapter Two


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