The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (4)

Chapter Four

Marie sat in the interrogation room, shivering slightly.  On occasion, she would jump in her seat and glance around, with wild maniacal eyes.  Outside, Caroline observed her suspect with keen interest and a slight amusement.

“Fucking druggie.”  Caroline said as she made her way into the interrogation room.

She took in Marie’s features while she walked to the table and took her seat opposite her.  Her suspect was quite the looker, with long red hair, a smooth unblemished skin and though sitting, she clearly had an hour glass shape most men would kill for.

She certainly has more hips than me.  Caroline thought.  Why would Jake cheat on her though?

She would find out all the answers she needed soon enough.  Caroline brought out a small tape recorder and hit the play button.

“State your name for the record please.”  She ordered in an icy voice.

“M… Marie Sellers.”  Marie responded in a shaky voice.

“Can you run me through the events leading up to your boyfriend’s death?”

“Um… I’ve done this… like two times already.  Why am I b…being kept here?  What do you want to know?”  Marie asked.

Caroline smiled.  She hadn’t even started and her prey was beginning to crack.

“Alright then.  Were you and Jake going through any relationship issues?”  She finally asked.

“No!  We were fine.  I mean… there was distance to worry about, but we were making it work.”

“Making it work huh.  Do you feel he… wanted to make it work?”  Caroline prodded.

Marie took a deep breath and suddenly her face went serious.

“You think I killed him.  Don’t you?”  She asked in a somber tone.

“I take the idea of cumming to death a bit… bizarre.”  Caroline stated.

Marie sighed.

“Jake was a… complex guy.  He was a virgin when we met and he wanted to keep it that way till Marriage.  But he always came a lot… from… you know… blowjobs.  I mean I know how to suck em but…”

“Get to the point.”  Caroline said in a voice laced with daggers.

“Like I said, when Jake came, he came hard.  But no sex.  Not until two weeks ago when he started demanding for it.”


“He said he had… fucking dreams… of some woman fucking him.  But he’d wake up feeling rather drained.  Every morning was a struggle to get up.  Eventually he started forming this crazy idea in his mind that a succubus was slowly draining him.  He was so obsessed with the idea he started researching and shit.  You saw it around the house right?”

Caroline nodded slowly and Marie continued.

“He said he needed me to fuck the cum out of him so she couldn’t take anymore.  He is… was… my boyfriend and I love him so… I flew in.”

“To fuck.”

“To fuck.  It seemed to work at first.  He seemed like he was good.  Then yesterday evening he started acting all strange.  I calmed him down and we went to sleep… until I woke up and saw it.  Jake was cumming all over himself.  All over me.  I… it was crazy!  He wouldn’t stop and he wouldn’t wake up.  I tried… I tried… but she kept draining him until he… he…”

Marie started shivering and the goosebumps were beginning to show on her skin.  She sobbed uncontrollably and wrapped her arms around herself.  Caroline leaned in.

“That’s a nice story.  But an initial sweep of Jake’s apartment shows very little semen residue compared to what you are describing.  What drugs were you…”

“That bitch killed him!!!”  Marie finally snapped.

The outburst caught Caroline off guard.

“She killed him and now I’m being suspected for murder… just cos I was there!”

“Marie… you were the only one there.”

“Why don’t you investigate then huh?  You think I killed him?  Show me how I did it?  I’m innocent and until otherwise proven, you can’t keep me here.”

Caroline smiled.

“A lot of murderers have said similar things, Marie.  But you can go.  As you said, I have nothing but you and a body… with a boner.  Once I find out what I need, I’ll be back for you.  You do know you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, right?  So be a good girl and let your boss know you’re being held up a bit.”

Caroline got up, her eyes burrowing intensely into Marie’s.  She turned around to leave.

“She laughed at me, you know.” Marie said, stopping Caroline in her tracks.

The detective stood still, but didn’t turn around.

“She laughed at me as she… killed him.  I didn’t believe in such… myths either, but after last night…”

Marie trailed off and took another deep breath.

“Do your fact finding, detective.  But until you consider what I am telling you, nothing will fucking make sense.

Caroline’s face was flush with anger.  She didn’t know why she had let the girl’s words seep under her skin, but they did.  They clawed at the depths of her mind, begging investigation and validation.

“We’ll be in touch.”  Caroline said and with that, she walked out of the investigation room.

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