Vampire Brothel

Alexa Baron – Client 006 (5)

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    Chapter Five


    Alexa repeated the word like it was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. She let out a throaty laughter but stopped when she realized he wasn’t laughing too.

    “Wait… Who the hell are we?”

    She seemed to have just realized the qualifying term he used.

    “Are you saying you’re a Vampire and I’m a Vampire too?” She asked.

    It should have been obvious from his statement but somehow, it was too difficult to believe. She didn’t feel like a Vampire – but she didn’t feel completely human either. Whatever the case, it couldn’t be true.

    “I can’t be a Vampire. It just can’t be true.”

    “It’s normal for new Vamps to feel that way.” He replied.

    Vamps! They have a cool term for it too! This is insane.

    “This is reality, not insanity.” He replied.

    His response didn’t surprise her as much as the first time he repeated her thoughts. There was way too much to deal with at the moment. The dirty, erotic thoughts of ‘nobody-knows-who’ kept floating around in her mind and she was still craving the raspberry juice.

    There was silence in the room for a few more seconds before the middle aged Vampire spoke again.

    “Many people have heard several different things about Vampires. This usually influences the way new Vamps think when they are turned. They expect to feel or behave a certain way. As time goes by, you’ll realize that some of those fables have truth to them while others are very far away from the truth. For instance, once you’re awake from the immersion slumber – which is what the sleep of death is called in our circle, you will not remember anything leading to your death. Whether or not you will eventually remember the identity of the Vamp who turned you is completely up to them. If they want you to, you will. If they don’t, you won’t. Simple, right?”

    There was nothing simple about it. She had a right to know who turned her into this… this… She didn’t even know what to call herself anymore.

    “This is probably the reason the witches who cast the first Vampire spell made it this way. New Vamps need time to accept who they are before the memories come flooding in. You’ll find out it’s great to be a Vamp.” He added with a smile.

    The best part of his little speech was the part where he handed her the raspberry juice. She closed her eyes and hungrily gulped the content of the bottle. Satisfaction flowed through her every nerve. It didn’t matter what Mr. icy blue eyes said she was now. The raspberry juice was everything.

    Once she finished her drink, she fell into a deep sleep. It was filled with memories… hers, and a sea of people she had never met before.

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