The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (3)

Chapter Three

The police car pulled up to the front of the apartment on Hanover Street.  The familiar yellow tape had already been spread out, restricting access to authorized personnel only.  Caroline and Lucas ducked under the tape and stepped inside.  The apartment was a bit of a mess.  There were plates resting on the dining table, with left over lasagna in them.  The carpet in the living room, while vacuumed, certainly didn’t look like it had been washed in a while.  She made her way past the sea of officers and forensic personnel as they combed the entire apartment for DNA or any other piece of evidence that might aid the case.

The living room was open and as she stepped inside, she immediately saw why Lucas had been short for words.  Lying on the bed was the lifeless body of a man.  He looked to be in his twenties, but Caroline couldn’t be so sure anymore.  His skin was shriveled and his eyes were closed.  However, his mouth was open in what appeared to be a soundless scream.  Even so, what was truly bizarre was the massive boner he had.  Even though it was covered by his bed sheets, it was certainly conspicuous.

“What the hell happened here?”  Caroline asked as she looked on in awe.

“This here is Jake Gillinham.”  Lucas said, stepping inside the room.  “As I told you, we got a 911 call from his girlfriend, Marie Sellers.  She says she woke up in the early hours of the morning to see Jake having a wet dream.  According to her, he kept ejaculating, asking her to ‘make her stop’.  However, try as she did, she couldn’t wake Jake up.  He kept orgasming until he died.”

The silence that followed could have been caught through with a knife.  Finally, Caroline spoke.

“What… the… fuck?”  She asked in amazement.

“I know.”

“Does this bitch think she can pull a fast one on me with that bizarre story?”  Caroline was infuriated.

She stormed out of Jake’s bedroom.

“Where is she?”

“Calm down, Caroline.”  Lucas said, as he walked after her.  “We have nothing that makes her a suspect… yet.”

“Oh we will soon.  Let’s get that body out of here, shall we?  You know what to do, Lucas.  Tell Lawrence I want an autopsy report in twenty four… make that eighteen hours, max.  I need a cause of death and I need a full toxicology done.”

“Got it.”  Lucas said.  “In the meantime I suggest you cool off a bit before speaking to the witness alright?”

“Okay… okay, Luc.  She’s still a witness at this point.  Where is she anyway?”

“I already had a few officers take her down to the station for questioning.  Listen, why don’t you go down there and join it.  In the meantime, I’ll do a little digging.  Maybe I can find out if big dick Jake was shoving his impressive equipment down another hole.”

“Big dick Jake?”

“That’s what the boys are calling him.”  Lucas shrugged.

Caroline laughed.

“I gotta admit, that’s one massive dead boner.”

She ran a hand through her hair as she exited the apartment.  Between the drug distributor they were staking out and this, Caroline had seen enough sex or evidence of it for one day.

Why does sex go so well with crime?  She wondered as she walked off.

Click HERE to read Chapter Four.



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