The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (2)

Chapter Two

Caroline Summers watched the live feed on the screen with two of her fellow police officers, Brandon Hamilton and Jerome Evans.  The feed delivered monochrome pictures of a voluptuous Latino woman as she popped her hips up and down her lover’s throbbing shaft with all the sensuous expertise of a porn star.  Her lover, a heavyset man, groaned in pleasure beneath her peristaltic movements.  Indeed, the feed was both audio and visual.  Caroline glanced at her colleagues and let out a disgusted groan of hers

.“What?” Brandon said, as his eyes continued to drink in the events.  They looked like they would pop out of their sockets at any moment.

“Do you… wanna join in the session perhaps?”  Caroline asked sarcastically.

“Listen, I’m just doing my job.”  Brandon said as he dipped another taco into the sauce and popped it in his mouth, crunching loudly.

“Yeah, Caroline.”  Jerome said as his hand followed in after Brandon’s.  “Orders were to observe the subject at all times.  We’re observing.”

“Best part of this fucking job.”  Brandon added.

Caroline rolled her eyes.  There was no need arguing with her male counterparts.  A stakeout was as boring as it gets anyways.  At least this way, the boys could indulge a bit.  She diverted her gaze back at the live feed.  The voluptuous girl was grinding the living soul out of her lover now.  She rolled her hips forward and backward on his pelvis, drawing grunts and shudders from his body.

“Oh yeah.  Here it comes.  He about to pop.”  Jerome said, smiling and watching the screen intently.

The man being ridden was now babbling.

“Oh… shiiiii…t.  Hmmm, Julia!”

“Yeah?!”  She ground on him faster.

“Oh, Julia I’m about to nut!”

“Get him, Julia!”  Brandon cheered her on.

“Let it rip, papi.”  Julia said in a sexy voice as she begun slapping her ass up and down her lover’s shaft.

“Shit!  Uggggggghhhh!!”  The drug pusher pulled out his dick from her gushy pussy and fired off a blast of cum.

Ooooohhh!  Jerome, Brandon and Caroline exclaimed.

They watched with utmost interest as another weaker spurt was released from his throbbing cock, along with a few dribbles that managed to escape during the orgasmic euphoria.  The drug pusher and his lover, Julia, were now cuddling and kissing.  A knock on the van’s door drew away the group’s attention from the live feed.   Caroline walked towards it and opened it up to see her partner standing near the entrance.  It was windy outside, and she swept away her short black bangs which were being blown across her face.

“Hey, Lucas.  What’s up?”  She asked, as she hopped down from the van.

She closed the door behind her and looked up at Lucas Barr.  He was a very tall specimen, with broad shoulders, muscular arms and a stomach that a few days of crunches would get rid of.  He had your typical cop look with a low hair cut that left his blonde hair with just their near white roots and a clean shave that revealed a hero’s square jaw.  Lucas took a deep breath, unsure of how to begin.

“Lucas?”  Caroline asked once more.

“We’ve got a… situation.”

Caroline furrowed her brows.   Lucas was usually very direct.  Yet it seemed as though he was struggling to find the right words to describe what this situation was.  It was very unlike him.

“What’s going on, partner?”

“We got a 911 call about thirty minutes ago.  Some girl calling in to report an incident.  Her boyfriend died in his sleep last night.”

“Okay… I’m sorry about that but what’s this got to do with me?”  Caroline was trying hard to suppress her frustration.

“I think I better drive you to the scene.  I’ll explain better once you’ve had a look.”

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