Taming (1)

Chapter One

His scent wafted through the chilly midnight air, jolting my senses immediately awake. It exuded power, strength, a strong will, and a willingness to conquer. It was everything a she-wolf longed for, everything that aroused her… everything that aroused me.

I got off my bed and walked to the window of my room. It overlooked the entrance of the pack house. It was great to see anyone or anything who approached. Looking through the window revealed all that was out there, which really was nothing. Just the endless snow expanse illuminated by the beautiful moonlight.

Several questions flooded my mind. Who was that? I had never smelled him before today. The more important question made me cower just a little. Why was he here?

I could immediately tell the personality of a wolf from his smell. This one was very different from all the others I had encountered. Something in his scent spelled danger and it was that very essence that drew me to him. Why was I drawn to a potentially dangerous wolf?

He was obviously an Alpha or a very strong Beta. He was imposing, the kind of wolf to suspend you in the air with one hand while he ravished your precious privates. Most likely the type that wouldn’t be back in the morning. He was a one time type of wolf and that sent tingling sensations through my core. I had never been with a wolf like that… I wanted to be with a wolf like that.

That last thought made me chuckle to myself in the darkness. I wrapped my arms around my breasts and imagined it was the wolf whose scent was in the air. It felt great. I smiled and walked back to my bed. I knew whoever the wolf was, I was going to meet him soon enough.

I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. His scent remained ever so strong in the air, causing me to toss and turn in my bed. I imagined strong hands, yellowish golden or blue eyes, a wicked but charming smile and an intimidating but arousing growl.

My fingers found my clit immediately, pushing my panties aside and feeling the wetness. I closed my eyes in the darkness and imagined the wolf’s tongue on my clit. My core throbbed as my fingers rubbed gently against it, spreading my inner lips in the process.

A moan escaped my mouth but I immediately stifled it. My roommate, Anna was asleep on the next bed and I didn’t want to wake her up with my midnight moans. It felt good just rubbing the edge of my clit and imagining the wolf but soon enough, I wanted more. I dipped my ring finger into my pussy, while still rubbing my clit with my index finger. My breathing got sharper and sharper as I inhaled air, while climbing through the ladder of ecstasy.

My ring finger started moving even faster, giving me the illusion of being fucked by the wolf. I rubbed my clit even harder as I felt the storm brewing inside my core. Deeper and deeper, I reached with each thrust, until I could no longer contain myself.

I let out one final loud moan as the explosion erupted within me. Waves of passion crashed and bounced away happily in my core and a satisfied smile spread itself across my face.

Anna stirred in her slip and I placed my palm over my mouth to keep mute.

One thing was clear that night. I needed to know who that wolf was and I needed him to fuck me.


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