Vampire Brothel

Alexa Baron – Client 006 (3)

Chapter Three

Alexa took another gulp from the blood-tasting raspberry juice. There would be ample time to ask questions later. Right now, she needed to satiate her thirst. That was all she could think of. It was almost like she was reduced to reacting to basic instincts. The primal need was thirst and all she could think of was to drink… and she drank to her fill.

She tossed the bottle to the ground and looked back at the man with icy blue eyes.

“It’s okay to fall asleep. You’ll be safe with me.” He said with a smile.

She looked at him in confusion. Why on earth would she want to go to sleep in the middle of the woods? At least she had to feel sleepy before thinking of falling asleep.

She was going to ask what he meant by his statement when the sleep wave hit her. There was no way she could suddenly feel that sleepy. How did this mystery man with icy blue eyes know she was going to feel sleepy? It was a question she never asked.

Her grasp on consciousness gave way, and she fell into the deepest slumber she had ever experienced.

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