The Succubus Chronicles

The Succubus Chronicles (1)

Chapter One

“Jake you are gonna be alright.  Like, did you see the sheets?  There’s no way more’s coming out.”

Marie looked at Jake with a mix of concern and utter exasperation.  It was frustrating seeing her boyfriend shaking like a leaf.  He looked so, so pathe…  Marie shook her head.  She refused to think of Jake like that.  He was a good man.  A gentle soul.  He was just a bit paranoid right now.

It all started two weeks ago.  Jake had called her, babbling about crazy wet dreams with a mysterious beau he had never met before.  She had found it hilarious.  Jake had been a virgin then, and it was normal for virgins to have wet dreams.  A little release was good for the body right?  But that wasn’t what had got him spooked.  It was the feeling of fatigue he felt when he woke up that shook him up.  After a few days, Marie had been forced to take a quick vacay from work.  She flew right from Atlanta to Boston, just to be with him.

“You… you sure about that?”  Jake asked her, still shaking like jelly.

Marie looked at him incredulously.  She had arrived Jake’s apartment only to find scribbles on pieces of paper, as well as mysterious pictures of women with bat like wings, horns, and tails stapled on a big white board in his study.  Her poor boyfriend was convinced he had a succubus problem.  She was convinced he was downright crazy.

Still, she had humored him.  If his imaginary succubus was draining him of all the delectable virgin cum he had in his body, she’d just have to beat her supernatural rival to the punch.  Marie was still convinced this was some ploy by Jake to get his first piece of coochie.  He was smart alright, for it had worked.  Marie had spent the last week banging the fuck out of Jake.  She knew she was good but there was something utterly cute about him that made her go the extra mile.  Today had been intense.  Jake had cum – violently, about four times.

Who’s your succubus now?  She had thought.

“Yup.  I’m pretty sure.”  Marie responded.  “Now get your cute ass on the bed.”

Jake did as he was told, scurrying to the bed like a kid who had been called by his mom.  As they snuggled together, she could feel him shaking intermittently.  A scold sweat had also broken out around him.  For the first time, Marie creased her eyebrows in real worry.  She contemplated the validity of his claims.  Just as quickly, she dismissed it.  It was impossible and there was no need to dwell on it.  Soon, she was fast asleep, entangled in Jake’s arms.


Marie awoke with a start.  A few brief seconds of disorientation followed.  Where was she?  How long had she been out?  Why did she wake up so suddenly?  That’s when she heard him moaning and felt him jerking.


She whirled around and saw Jake jerking in bed.

“Jake!!”  She yelled, shoving him in a bid to wake him up.  Something hard bumped into her hand and Marie was suddenly face to face with her boyfriend’s titanic erection.

“What the fuck?”  She exclaimed.

Is this what a wet dream looks like?

Not only was Jake hard, his boxers were sodden and he reeked of cum.

“Jake!  Wake up!  It’s only a dream!!”  Marie yelled as she shoved him once more.

It was then she noticed the hairs on the back of her neck standing up.  All of a sudden a shiver reverberated through her entire being.  It was as though someone… something was looking through her soul.  It mocked her and laughed maniacally.  Seductively even.  Marie turned back and looked at Jake’s erection.  His penis had broken free, its escape aided by the slit in his boxers.

“M… Marie…  Make her stop… please make her stop… I… I can’t cum anymore.  Ugggghhhh!”

Marie jumped.  She saw it before she felt it spray on her.  A powerful ejection of cum had been shot right at her arm.  She watched in awe, shock and horror as Jake’s cock throbbed and pulsed, each time catapulting another thick rope of semen into the air.

“Oh God!!! I love it!!”  Jake yelled.  “Oh no… Marie… So weak… uhhhh.”

“Stop!!!!!!”  Marie yelled.

She shoved Jake violently.  His eyes were still shut tight.

“Jake, baby.  Please wake up.  Wake up, baby.  You can do it.  You can…”

She didn’t want to admit it.  Everything in her logical mind screamed out to her that this was not possible.  Nothing like that could possibly exist.  Yet after seeing her dear Jake ejaculate in inhuman and unnatural ways, she was left with just that possibility.

“You can fight the succubus!”  She yelled.  “Jake!!!”  She slapped him hard across the face.

She could hear her laugh.  It was a wicked, possessive laugh.  She recognized that laugh.  She had used it on Jake’s ex when she stole him from her.  It was the laugh of a woman who knew she was better and that she had the man, no matter what.  Jake’s ex had threatened an earth shattering vengeance, that day.  They had paid her no attention.  What could she possibly do?

Could she be behind this?

As Marie wondered, the gust of wind which had been blowing through the window intensified.  She hadn’t noticed it before.  The window was shut when they went to sleep.  Now it blew about the apartment in a frightful swirl.  Indeed the entire apartment shook violently.  She looked at Jake.  Tears were streaming down his shut eyes, but it was his lips that made her heart break into tiny little shards.  They were dry – stranded in the desert dry.  His skin felt like sand paper in her arms.  Jake was dying.

“Please… please… stop.”

She begged as she cradled Jake in her arms.  He shook and trembled as one in a seizure now.  The ejaculation had become a flow, complete with cum bubbles, squirts and gushes of semen.  Marie cried.  She had never been able to make Jake cum like that.  Then again, if she could, she wouldn’t be human.

Soon, the trembling stopped and with one last body ripping orgasm, Jake gasped his last.

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