Vampire Brothel

Alexa Baron – Client 006 (1)

Chapter One

Alexa Baron stepped on the gas of her black Nissan Maxima Sedan. It was a pitch black night that lacked any form of luminescence from the Moon or the stars. Tears flooded her eyes as she drove. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her but she knew she had to stay alive. She had to survive, no matter what.

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and drove even faster. Regardless of the hurt, she had to get away – from him… from it.

Her hand instinctively went up to her neck to feel the extent of damage. Everything happened so fast that she couldn’t ascertain the extent of her injury at the time it happened. She was lucky to have gotten away, her car which was parked close by had been her only saving grace.

She flinched from pain as her fingers grazed the raw flesh on her neck. They were immediately soaked with blood… her blood. Images from the scene flooded back to her memory but she pushed them aside. This wasn’t the time to think about it, this was the time to survive.

She was still driving at top speed when she saw it. It was standing right there in the middle of the road, waiting for her to either stop or run it over. There was no time to react. Her car went racing towards it at maximum speed and all she could do was brace herself for the impact.

Out of the blue, another one of the creature appeared in front of her eyes. It was moving at the same inhuman speed the man she knew as Daemon was moving earlier. What she saw was the creature pushing Daemon out of the way, unto the side of the road. Her car sped past the place they had been less than a second later, not giving her enough time to take a proper look at both of them.

She was panting now. It was not from the horror of almost driving her car into two creatures from the depths of darkness. She could feel her strength leaving her. Too much blood had been lost, both from the bite and the resultant bleeding.

Her vision was beginning to blur. She knew she couldn’t keep her eyes open for much longer but she had to try. It was the least she could do. If she was going to die, at least it was going to be on her own terms – and so it was.

Her body shut down shortly after and her limp hands fell off the wheels. Her leg was still on the gas pedal but not for too long. The car sped off the road, racing straight into the surrounding woods. Its forward momentum was abruptly stopped by a tree trunk which wrecked the car beyond recognition or repair.

It was a good thing she had already passed out. The crash was fatal. Her body was mangled within the vehicle that was once her most precious possession.

Alexa Baron was dead… and that was the beginning of her life.

Click Here to read Chapter Two.


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