Booty Wars: Kim K vs Amber Rose (6)

Chapter Six: Fucking Kim K

Kanye got into his car and drove out of his mansion. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had not slept well since that night at the club. His dreams were filled with Kim K and her glorious ass. Breaking the internet made it even worse for him. The ass was everywhere he looked. It made Amber’s ass feel like an inferior substitute for the real deal. He needed to at least touch that ass. Maybe he would get closure from it.

Two days ago, he paid an informant twenty five thousand dollars for Kim K’s movement details. That informant was very effective. It took him just twenty four hours to know Kim K’s location for today. It was her house… and she was in it alone!

He got to the gate and was stopped by security. Thankfully, his star power got him in without too much of a hassle. He just said he needed to discuss a new project with Kim K.

Once he was inside her house, he waited for the housekeeping staff to call Kim K. She came down in a sultry gown which hugged her humongous breasts and big ass. He had a totally different plan but what he found himself doing was shocking to him and most especially, Kim K.

Kanye fell on his knees and burst into tears.

“I can’t take it anymore, Kim K. I’m obsessed with your ass. Please take me. Do with me as you please. I have a big black cock that has been throbbing since the day you twerked at the club. No pussy has been able to satisfy me. I’m obsessed with you. Take me, please.”

Kim K looked at him and smiled.

“Get off the floor, please.” She stated.

“Oh lord, she has an amazing attitude!”

“Let me give you a K-inspired fuck of a lifetime.” She said.

Kanye did not hear the half of it. His eyes and ears were transfixed on her huge breasts as she leaned to help him up.

“Sit there.” She ordered, pointing to a sofa.

Kanye quickly went to the sofa like a baby.

“Take off your pants and spread your legs.” Kim K ordered again.

He did as he was told.

Kim K got on her knees and took his balls into her mouth. She sucked and liked in a way he had never experienced. She was just starting and he was already losing it.

After finishing with the balls, she moved to his shaft.

“I used to date an African American man before but his cock wasn’t half as big as yours.” She stated and gave him the big goo-goo eyes.

Kanye lost it. He was about to beg her to fuck him when she put his cock into her mouth and pushed it all the way to the back of her throat. Kanye gasped. Amber had never swallowed his cock before.

“Get up, Kanye. I want to look up at you while I suck your cock. I want to see your legs shake when you can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh shit!” Kanye cursed.

A load of pre cum had exited his cock.

He got off the sofa and stood. Kim K knelt in front of him and repeated the process of sucking his cock. She pushed him really deep inside her mouth, so that his cock was touching the back of her throat. Then she did something unexpected. She plunged two fingers into his butthole!

Kanye gasped and shuddered from pleasure.

“How did you know to do that?” He asked, while jerking uncontrollably.

Kim K simply smiled and continued the cock sucking and ass fucking combination. Before long, Kanye was screaming in gibberish.

She pushed him to the chair and handcuffed him in place. She sat astride him and sat on his hard cock. He had never been that hard in his entire life. There were visible veins running along the sides of his cock. They threatened to burst from pleasure.

Kim K bounced her big ass on his cock like she was riding a wave. Her pussy was wet and tight. The inner walls squeezed his big cock like they were trying to extract mineral resources from his cock. His eyes were beginning to roll back. He was helpless. He couldn’t stop the inevitable. He had to seed to her. She had won.

“Kim K!!!” He screamed, spilling his truck load of sperm inside her.

Kim K continued to squeeze his cock with the walls of her wet and tight pussy until he had spilled the last drop of semen his body could produce. He lay limply on her sofa, panting like he ran a marathon. He couldn’t move. She had completely drained him.

“Are you human?” He asked.

Kim K laughed.

“I never guessed Kanye will be one to cum so fast.” She teased. “Besides, why did you cum inside me? Did you say you weren’t ready for a baby in multiple interviews?”

“Fuck, Kim K! You’re pussy is out of this world.” He exclaimed. “I don’t mind having multiple babies by you!”

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