Booty Wars: Kim K vs Amber Rose (4)



Chapter Four: Grinding in the Back Seat

Kanye led Amber out of the club. All the while, his mind was on Kim K’s big ass. He remembered an interview she gave some time ago, saying all her ex-boyfriends were still obsessed with her. He never thought that statement was literal until now. While he wasn’t an ex-boyfriend, he was obsessed with her after one encounter with her big, round, sexy ass.

They got to the car and Kanye took Amber’s big boobs into his mouth. He sucked on her nipples hard until she called his name. He slid off her short, short pants and put his finger into her wet pussy. She loved it. He started to finger fuck her, moving his finger in and out of her pussy faster. After a short while, he added a second finger, and then a third, and a fourth.

“Can you put another finger in? I want you to fill me up.” Amber said, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

“I already got four fingers in you!” Kanye exclaimed.

“What? I really need those tighteners from Chyna. Remind me to give her a call later.” Amber replied.

Kanye pushed the back rest of the car seat down so Amber could lay on it. He pushed his big cock into her pussy and she moaned his name.

“Who’s your daddy?” He asked, going in and out of her pussy faster.

Amber was getting even wetter. There was no doubt Kanye’s cock was the best she ever had.

“You, Yeezy!” She screamed.

“Louder.” Kanye ordered.

“You, Yeezy!!!” She screamed even louder.

“Good. Now, stick your finger into my butthole.” He ordered again.

Amber put her finger to her mouth to get it wet before sliding it into Kanye’s butthole. He gasped from pleasure.

“Fuck that ass, Amber.” He screamed.

Amber moved her finger in and out of Kanye’s butthole even faster. As he screamed from pleasure, his mind went back to Kim K. He imagined Amber’s hand as his cock and his butthole as Kim K’s butthole. Waves of pleasure crashed through his body. He was jerking violently. He couldn’t take it anymore.

At the last second, he pulled his cock out of Amber’s wet pussy and spilled his load all over her boobs.

“I can’t get enough of your ass, Kim K.” He exclaimed.

“What?” Amber asked, clearly infuriated.

“Holy fuck! What did I say? I’m sorry babe. I meant your ass is way better than Kim K’s ass.” He lied.

“Are you sure, babe?” Amber asked.

“You know I’ll never lie to you.” He replied, kissing her on the bridge of her nose.

“Sure, babe. I know.” She replied.

Phew. That was a close shave!” Kanye thought.

They both got dressed and drove into the night.

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