Booty Wars: Kim K vs Amber Rose (3)



Chapter Three: Bootylicious

Kim K came over to the VIP section with two other friends. They said hi to a couple of other celebrities and got their party started. They were drinking, taking selfies and dancing to the music. It seemed a lot more fun over at their camp.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Kim K is in the building!” The DJ announced, raising cheers from the crowd.

“Um… Kimmy, this one’s for you. Someone in the house has dared you to do a booty shake.” The DJ added.

Kim K laughed, covering her mouth with both hands. She shook her head to indicate she didn’t want to do the shake.

“Sure, she can’t do a booty shake.” Amber whispered to Gigi who was seating close to her.

“What if she can?” Gigi asked.

“All she’s got is a sex tape. There’s nothing extra. She doesn’t have a clue how to rock a party.” Amber replied.

Kim K took a few shots and got up.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” She laughed, the music drowning out her voice.

She walked over to the stage and backed the crowd. Her big butt was held within black skin tight pants. She placed both hands on one knee and started with a twerk. The crowd went crazy.

“Kim K can twerk! This is a major headline right hear.” The DJ said into the microphone.

She twisted her ass and bounced the cheeks along with the rhythm of the music. After three minutes, she got off the stage and walked back to the VIP section.

“I can do a better booty shake.” Amber said, getting off the VIP section and heading to the stage to speak with the DJ.

“Holy mother fucking gee zee.” Kanye said, once Kim returned. “How do you move that big ass like that?”

Kim laughed and placed a finger inside her mouth. She slowly slipped it out, while sucking on it. She dropped her eyelids for the overall sexy effect. Kanye had an instant boner. His cock was so hard it almost pushed its way out of the fabric of his pants.

Holy shit. Why did I wear these torn pants? There are way too many holes in it. My cock can slide out of any one of them and I’ll be embarrassed.” He thought.

He looked back at Kim K but she was leaving with her friends. No girl had ever made his cock erect while fully clothed before. Amber’s big ass had a good effect on him but that was only when he saw it naked. It was also when she had applied her shine gel, otherwise it was a total turn off.

Amber came back to the VIP section all excited.

“Did you see my booty shake, babe?” She asked. “I bet I get down like no other.”

To be honest, Kanye wasn’t looking. He was engrossed with Kim K and her features. When she was walking away from him, he could see that her ass was even bigger than Amber’s. He wondered what it would feel like to spank it.

Will it bounce? Is it firmer than Amber’s? Is it naturally smooth? Does it require shine gel?

“Babe, I asked what you think about my booty shake.” Amber said, distracting Kanye from thoughts of Kim K.

“It was mind blowing.” He lied.

“I knew it.” Amber smiled.

Kanye couldn’t get his mind off Kim K’s big ass. It looked so round in her skin tight pants.

How will it feel to press it hard?” He thought.

“Oh my! I’ve given you an erection.” Amber gasped.

Kanye looked down and saw the bulge in his pants.

I have a big cock. Will it fit into Kim K’s ass?” He thought.

“Sure, baby. I’ll like to have you in my car.” He lied.

If he couldn’t get Kim K’s Bootylicious ass at the moment, at least he could make do with Amber.

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