Booty Wars: Kim K vs Amber Rose (2)



Chapter Two: Club 58

Amber and Kanye exited their Lamborghini to meet a swarm of paparazzi. Camera lights flashed non-stop and annoying questions were yelled at them.

I wonder why they can’t keep a respectful distance.” Amber thought.

“Kanye!!!” Female fans screamed, taking their bras off and throwing them at him.

“Can I have your autograph?” Others yelled.

They kept their cool, ignoring both the paparazzi and the excited crowd for the most part. Kanye pushed past the crowd, making way for Amber to go through.

Once they got into the club, it got a lot calmer. People were moving to the rhythm of the beat, getting all wild on the dance floor.

Amber and Kanye made their way to the VIP section, where the lights were dimmer. It had a lot less people as well, just a few other celebrities. Kanye took a seat and Amber sat beside him. His hands instinctively wrapped around her chest, squeezing her 36 H breasts.

“Don’t get me wrong, Amber. I love your boobs but they’re a little saggy. Think you can get them fuller?” He asked in a not so subtle whisper.

“I’m all natural, babe. This shit don’t come full in all the places you like.” She replied with a bit of an attitude.

“I know that. Will you at least consider getting something done?” He asked.

“Okay. I’ll consider it.” She replied.

She turned around and placed a kiss on his lips. Her tongue found the split between his lips and invaded it without warning. She continued to plunge her tongue into his mouth, exploring every part of it while he continued to squeeze her breasts.

Kanye’s ‘Can’t tell me nothing’ came up on the speakers as the DJ switched the mix.

“Woo-hoo!” Amber screamed. “Let’s get this party started!”

She got off the sofa and bounced her ass to the music.

“Come on, baby.” She called.

“Nah… I’m good.” Kanye replied.

Amber walked to him and bounced her ass in his face. Turning around, she sat astride him and grinded up on him, making sure to lean in from time to time. That put her big breasts in his face as she moved to the music.

There was a sudden cheer on the dance floor. People stopped dancing and were screaming instead. The loudness of their unified voices drowned out the music, causing Amber to stop her sexy dance.

“Why the fuck are they screaming?” She asked.

“Most likely at the arrival of a celebrity.” Kanye replied.

“They didn’t scream this way when we came in.” Amber noted.

“They probably didn’t notice us as much. I don’t like the noise anyway.” Kanye replied. “Let’s wait for the frenzy to die down so we can get back to the point we were. I was just about to slide my finger into your panties.”

Amber smiled.

“Kim!!! Kimmy!!! Kim K!!!” They could make out the words the crowd was screaming now.

Amber rolled her eyes.

Whatever” She thought.

Amber couldn’t see Kim’s face because her back was turned to her. What she noticed was that she was waving and blowing kisses to the excited crowd.

That fake ass bitch is going to take all the attention now.” She thought, making sure to retain the smile on her face.

There was no way she could let anyone notice the fact that she was threatened by Kim K’s presence.

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