Booty Wars: Kim K vs Amber Rose (1)

Chapter One: Booty Shine

“Amber, what’s taking so long?”

Kanye West looked impatiently at his wristwatch. It was fifteen minutes past eleven pm and he was beginning to lose his patience.

“One minute, baby. I’ll be right down.” Amber yelled from the bedroom upstairs.

She was running around the place, looking for her shine gel. She had to find it. The glory of her ass depended on it.

How in the world am I supposed to hide these stretch marks and cellulite?” She thought to herself.

Without the layers of shine gel, Amber’s ass was a disaster. It was anything but sexy. Moving the eyes around its large circumference was like going on a bumpy ride. There were just too many dips and wrinkles to arouse any sexual thoughts.

After going through the twelfth drawer, she finally found the precious commodity. She pressed a gracious amount unto her Palm and rubbed it against the surface of her big ass. Just as expected, the skin straightened out, leaving only slight traces of the disfiguring cellulite and stretch marks. She wore a cropped top and short, short pants before hurrying down the stairs to meet Kanye.

“Fuck it, Amber. It takes too long for you to get dressed.” Kanye complained.

“I’m sorry, baby. I had to get my ass straightened out.” She replied, turning around so Kanye could take a look at it.

Kanye’s eyes bulged. No matter how many times he saw that ass, it had the same effect on him. His muscles tensed and his cock hardened, pushing against the fabric of his pants.

“I know you can’t get enough.” Amber smiled.

“Oh, fuck.” Kanye gasped, rushing forward and grabbing her ass from behind.

He squeezed on the soft skin and smacked it, causing it to bounce in front of him. The sight aroused him even more. He got on his knees and buried his face in her ass. He loved to do that. It was like a ritual. Whenever he did it, Amber got the message. He wanted to fuck, and he wanted to fuck hard.

She bounced her ass in his face some more before walking towards the staircase she descended earlier. She climbed up the stairs and sat astride the railing, backing Kanye. She slid down the railing, bouncing her ass as she did. Kanye went crazy. By the time she reached the base of the stairs, he had taken his pants off, exposing his big black cock.

He pushed her against a nearby wall and lifted her right leg into the air before plunging his cock into her pussy. He pushed in and out slowly at first, before picking up his pace.

“You should find a way to tighten this pussy, Amber. You’re getting loose.” He stated, slamming his cock against her pussy harder.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ll get some tighteners from Chyna.” She replied, arching her back and squeezing the walls of her pussy to make it tighter.

“Yeah, you do that.” Kanye replied, going even faster.

Eventually, he withdrew and spilled his load all over her big ass.

“What the fuck, Kanye? Why didn’t you cum inside me?” She asked.

“No offense, Amber. I don’t want a baby now.” He replied.

“It’s okay. Whenever you do, I’m here.” She said.

Kanye put his pants back on and straightened his shirt out.

“Let’s hit the club.” He said.

They got into his black Lamborghini and drove out of their mansion.

Click HERE to read Chapter Two



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