Vampire Brothel

Aaron Regent – Client 031 (4)

Chapter Four

I walked behind the sexy girl as she led me to a different wing of the castle-like building. I think she intentionally decided to walk in front of me. The view from behind was badass. Her ass wasn’t too big or too small. It was just perfect. She swayed her hips in a sensual manner. It was deliberate and it worked. I began to feel a slight tingling at the tip of my cock. I couldn’t wait to get to our destination. I had waited way too long to fuck this chick.

She turned around to look at me, just like she read my thoughts.

“I was going to get you cleaned up but on second thought, I think we should go into the woods.” She said with a seductive smile.

The way she pouted her full red lips got my cock instantly hard.

I’m going to fuck her pussy so hard, she’ll remember my name for years to come.

At this point, I began to believe there was something weird about this chick. Any time I thought about fucking her to stupor, she turned around and smiled at me in a way that said ‘you have no idea what you’re in for’. Maybe I was overreacting and it was purely coincidental but when combined with the freaky receptionist and the way her icy blue eyes glimmered in the moonlight, I believed I had good reason to be skeptical.

We had walked some distance into the woods when she turned around sharply. In a split second, she unzipped my pants and exposed my glorious cock. It was one of my best features in my opinion. From the smile on her face, I knew my opinion wasn’t far from the truth.

“That was fast.” I said in a husky whisper.

Her chest was so close to me now that her huge breasts stared me in the face. They begged me to grab, squeeze and suck them. I was going to oblige but as soon as I reached for them, they were no longer there.

I turned around in surprise. I saw the sexy girl behind me with one hand on her hips. She was completely naked.

I was going to ask how the fuck she pulled that off but a Casanova can’t think straight in the presence of delicious boobs and pussy – all waiting to be taken.

I rushed to her with unimaginable speed and grabbed both breasts with my hands. I squeezed the fleshy mounds and sucked with hunger. It felt so great. I closed my eyes for less than a second when I felt the lightheadedness that came with travelling too fast.

My eyes shot open immediately and I discovered we were on the same spot. I must have been lost in the succulence of her breasts so much so that I imagined the movement. My excitement heightened. My hands explored the beauty of her naked body as my lips continued to suck on the most perfect set of boobs I had ever seen.

She pushed me away from her and smiled. She dropped her eyelids seductively, before looking up at me again. I was going crazy. She was starving me… making me wait.

I knew I couldn’t take it much longer. I made my way towards her but she was gone from sight again. I felt her hand grab my cock from behind and moaned. That was enough to silence any questions I had about her ability to get away from me so fast. She moved her hand up and down the length of my cock, squeezing and releasing at intervals. I was pre-cuming like someone left a tap open.

She got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

“Shit… Fuck…”

I had never been to heaven but I was sure that was how it felt to stand at its gates. My goodness! She was moving her tongue in ways I didn’t believe were humanly possible, while pushing my shaft in and out of her mouth slowly. My cock grew so big that I believed it was going to rupture.

“Don’t stop!” I screamed.

I was breathing fast and clenching my fists. My toes were tingling. I felt overwhelmed with pleasure that my body threatened to give up.

“Please don’t stop!” I screamed again.

I don’t know why I was asking her not to stop. It was clear I would burst if she continued but somehow I couldn’t get enough. She kept going, giving me what I desired.

She grabbed my balls and squeezed them lightly, while still sucking on my cock. I let out a loud moan and screamed all the names of saints I had ever heard in my life.

“Holy shit, I’m cuming!” I exclaimed, shaking from pleasure.

She spun me around and wrapped one leg around my waist, plunging my cock into her wet pussy. I screamed at the top of my lungs, unable to control the pleasure that was welling up inside me. She shuffled us backwards in that position until her back was against a tree trunk. All the while, she was grinding and winding on my cock.

I don’t know how she did it exactly but I know that bitch’s got skills!

Her hips were moving like they were attached to elastic strings. She bounced her ass and slammed her pussy into my cock. I was going crazy but somehow, I hadn’t spilled my load. Was she able to control that somehow? I had no idea but it didn’t matter. I loved what she was doing and I let her continue.

She ran her fingers through my hair, then traced a line to my back and ended at the tip of my butthole. I felt myself jolt and throb inside her when I realized what she was about to do.

She didn’t let me wait too long. She plunged deep into my butthole with her finger and that was all it took. I couldn’t even wait for her to retrieve the finger. I was screaming like a bitch and spilling my load in torrents. I never knew the human body was capable of producing that much sperm.

If she wasn’t on some form of birth control, there was no way she wouldn’t end up pregnant with my child. At the time, that was the last thing on my mind. I was having the biggest orgasm of my lifetime and it wasn’t about to stop.

She moved her other hand up to my head and massaged it. It felt so good that I didn’t realize she was pushing my head to the side to expose my neck. I was screaming into the night with my blood all pumped up when I felt a sharp pain on my neck.

The pain grew stronger in intensity with every passing second.

She was still moving her hips such that my cock was still going in and out of her wet pussy. I was still screaming at the top of my lungs but it was no longer from pleasure.

Holy fuck… She’s a Vam…

My thoughts ended right there. The scenery changed immediately to a blinding light. I could no longer see the sexy girl or the woods for that matter. I didn’t know how it happened but the fear I felt was real. Whatever lay at the end of the light, I somehow knew I wasn’t going to like.

**Yes, just like every Brothel, sometimes, things get out of hand.**

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