Vampire Brothel

Aaron Regent – Client 031 (3)

Chapter Three

I got off the highway at the green sign and made my way into the woods. It was a quarter past eight pm but it wasn’t particularly dark. The sky was lit with a full moon which I was thankful for because it would have been a real chore navigating my way in the woods otherwise.

I walked for about five minutes before spotting the massive castle-like structure in front. Even in the dim lighting, I could see how beautiful it was.

This girl is mega rich.” I thought to myself and a smile formed on my face.

There was something about fucking a rich girl that took me to heights of elation. They were naughtier and nastier – all the spicy things a guy like me enjoyed. Knowing my conquest for the night fell into this category heightened my arousal. I doubled my steps and stepped onto the stone-lined pathway leading to the front door.

“What the…”

A flock of bats flew out of the darkness, straight at me. They flapped their wings around me and clawed with their feet. I don’t know if I missed them before, but they seemed to appear out of thin air. It was the scariest thing in the world. By the time they flew past, I had several scratches on my face which had begun to bleed.

“Fuck! Stupid bats!” I spat in frustration.

I don’t know how Batman manages to look cool amidst those things. Not only are they annoying and scary, they are also stupid. Everyone knows not to beat up a Casanova’s face when he’s out for a spicy night.

The brain in my head thought about going back home. I thought it might be better to come back at a later date. Unfortunately, the brain in my cock was the prevalent brain at the time and it told me to go straight in. I was way too close to the pussy to retreat. Besides, hard guys don’t back down.

I found the front door unlocked and walked right in. There was a teenage-looking girl at the reception, staring at a computer screen.

Why is there a reception in this rich pussy’s house?” I wondered.

The receptionist’s head shot up so fast, it made me jump. I didn’t know the reason for her shocked reaction. Was she doing something illegal at her desk and was shocked to see someone walk in? I guessed I’ll never know and continued to walk towards her.

As I approached, she got increasingly uncomfortable. It looked like she was putting way too much energy into staying calm. I was confused for a few seconds before it finally struck me. The girl had been staring intently at the blood coming out of my bruises. I must have freaked her out by showing up in there all bloodied.

“I was attacked by bats outside.” I said, in a bid to calm her down.

She swallowed hard and continued staring at me.

“How… how may I help you?” She asked.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. She asked the right question, but it was the way she asked it that got me unsettled. She got up from her chair and sank her nails into the wooden desk in front of her. She looked like she was restraining herself from doing something.

Is she hemophobic?” I wondered.

I’ve heard certain people have an extreme fear of blood but I had never encountered anyone with the condition before today. I knew I should have gone home to clean up but hey, why do that and miss the pussy when I can clean up in the rich cunt’s bathroom anyway?

I was about to respond and tell the girl who I was there to see when the freakiest thing happened. Looking like she had lost some kind of inner battle, the receptionist rushed towards me so fast that I barely saw her move.

“Delia, this one’s mine.”

This voice came through at the nook of time. The receptionist I now know as Delia stopped inches away from me. My eyes widened in disbelief as I looked at the person who spoke and back to the receptionist.

It was the sexy girl from the bar. She was wearing black tights and a black turtle neck this time. It was a very different look from the red dress at the bar but her signature red lips remained.

“What the fuck just happened?” I asked.

“Delia has a morbid fear of blood.” She replied.

There was something about her icy blue eyes. I didn’t know if it was the light in the reception or her discomfort with Delia’s reaction to me but she looked like she was alarmed. There was no expression on the rest of her face, just the eyes.

“Why don’t we step outside so Delia can recover?” She continued, leading me back towards the front door.

How the fuck did she move so fast?” I wondered, walking out of the reception as briskly as I could manage.

It wouldn’t help my bad boy persona to look scared in front of a target pussy.

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