Vampire Brothel

Roberta Hawkins – Client 146 (1)

Chapter One

I got out of my house that night and closed the door behind me. The air outside was cold, creating a chilly feeling as it brushed against my pale face. My raven black hair was tucked underneath my winter hat and I wrapped my arms around my chest to increase the feeling of warmth I desperately needed.

I didn’t know if it was a good idea to go there. Stepping out in this weather was already a bad idea. What was I thinking? I thought about turning around and going back home but I couldn’t do it. I had to go there. Something inside me yearned for the lustful pleasures he promised.

I would never have gotten to this point if it wasn’t for my ex-boyfriend, Derek. He came into my life and told me everything I was desperate to hear. Being the fool that I was, I believed his every word.

He told me I was beautiful in his eyes. How could I have believed that? There was nothing special about my pale features. My face was freckled and my eyes were a dull gray. My hair was black and unruly, refusing to stay sleek like that of other girls. I was the ugly duckling in high school and it was okay until Derek came along.

He would wrap his arms around me and tell me I was special. Every day spent with me was priceless – those were his words. He would fuck me long and hard while staring into my eyes. I thought it meant something to him. Clearly, it all meant nothing.

I took one step after another, heading towards the train station. I couldn’t take a cab there because the instructions were clear. The place I was headed to could not be revealed to anyone – not even a cab driver.

All through the train ride I thought about the bitch Derek was cheating on me with. According to her they had been together for nine months. That was just one month less than the time we spent together. Who cheats on their girlfriend after just one month of dating? I guess Derek.

I got off the train and walked into the woods. That was what he asked me to do – the handsome stranger who got me to do this in the first place. It took about five minutes for me to see the place he described. I was awed. It didn’t feel possible that a place like that would be hidden in the woods and nobody knew about it.

It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Actually, it was a mansion. There were dull lights in the surroundings so people could see their way through but it wasn’t bright enough to make the building visible. I guessed it was all in the secrecy stride. No one will make a place secret, only to flood it with lights. That will make it visible from helicopters and any other tall structure that springs up in the area.

There was a stone-lined path that led straight to the door. I walked away from the grass and stepped my right foot on the path. That’s when I saw them. They must have been resting in the darkness and my footsteps must have scared them. They flew off in different directions, startling me. I had never seen that many bats in the same place in my entire life. It freaked me out a little though. I thought I was going to end up with a few bites in a Batman type shit. Thankfully, they just flew away and left me unscathed.

After regaining my composure, I walked straight to the front door. There were several front doors actually, but the one I went to had a sign that said ‘Main Entrance’. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and sighed. This was it. I had to go in now. There was no going back.

Click HERE to read Chapter Two.


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