Vampire Brothel

Roberta Hawkins – Client 146 (4)

Chapter Four

I twisted and rolled my ass the best way I could. I was drunk as hell so I didn’t know how well I was doing. I guess I wasn’t doing too badly because he watched me without complaint. After a short while, he gave me another other.

“Place your hands on the wall above your head and continue rolling your ass.”

This time, I didn’t ask questions. I did as I was told. Lifting my hand above my head made me feel sexy. I remembered those music videos I watched where the girls shook their sexy butts at the camera. I felt like I was one of them – thanks to the alcohol.

Just like all the other times he approached me, I didn’t see him coming. What I felt was his rock hard cock penetrating my wet and swollen pussy from behind. Yes, my pussy swells any time I’m really turned on. I guess I got turned on by the girl on the staircase.

He thrust deep inside me slowly and I felt the walls of my pussy pulsating. I had never had a cock that felt so damn good in my entire life.

“Grab me with the walls of your pussy.” He ordered again.

I did as I was told. I didn’t want anything to make him take his magic wand away. He continued to thrust in and out, harder and faster as the moments passed. Gosh, he was strong. Every time he dipped his hard cock into my pussy I felt a thunderbolt of emotions crash against my core like the waves of a beach in high tide. It didn’t take long for me to feel the pressure of the incoming rain. He was thrusting in and out so fast and hard that my knees felt weak. I was going to buckle under the pleasure. I squirted all over his cock and on the floor. I felt him pull himself from inside me and my body went limp. He caught me to stop me from falling and carried me to the table on the other side of the room.

He laid me on my back and spread my legs apart with both of his hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Please, I can’t take any more right now.”

He smiled a cocky smile and looked at me seductively. I started to feel the stirrings in my core again. What the fuck is going on? How can he make me feel this way so soon after my last orgasm?

He took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard. He squeezed my right nipple with his fingers and this sent thrills of pleasure down to my core. He lifted his head and looked at me with longing eyes. I could tell he wanted to take me again but I didn’t care. Whatever he was doing to my breasts was driving me crazy.

“No one has ever sucked my boobs like this before.” I moaned.

He laughed a throaty laughter.

“You’ve never been with anyone like me.” He said.

He continued with a combination of licking, teasing and sucking my nipples, pressing the mounds of my breasts as he did. It felt like heaven. He got off my chest and picked my legs up again. This time, he spread it so wide it was almost a split. I was scared it would hurt if he rammed himself into me like he did when I was rolling my ass against the wall. Thankfully, he was gentle. He wanted to tease. He slapped my clit with his cock a number of times before taking his cock and sinking the tip inside me. My pussy pulsated again, yearning to take more of him inside me. He didn’t give me what I wanted. Instead, he pulled out and slapped his cock on my clit again.

He continued to slap my clit with his cock and dip the tip of his cock into my wet pulsating pussy in a never ending rhythm. I was going crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please fuck me.” I begged.

He didn’t oblige.

“Please, fuck me now!!!” I screamed.

My core was threatening to burst. I was riding wave after wave of pleasure but never quite got over the edge. I needed him to take me now but I had no idea how else to beg him.

As if he read my thoughts, he plunged deep inside me, causing me to scream. He felt even bigger than the first time by the wall. His cock stretched the walls of my pussy to their limit. I loved it. I needed it. I couldn’t do without it.

Still holding my legs wide apart with his hands, he continued to move in and out of me sensually. He had a rhythm I couldn’t quite comprehend but it felt amazing.

“Fuck Derek and his blonde bitch!” I screamed out loud, making the stranger laugh.

Derek’s cock never made me feel this good. When compared to this, fucking him was a joke for third graders. A really bad joke. I never wanted him anywhere close to my pussy again. I had found a cock coated in honey.

Before long, thoughts of Derek faded away and I was welcomed back into the arms of pleasure. I was getting higher and higher. I couldn’t stop it. I wanted more.

“Please, don’t stop.” I begged.

The handsome stranger did not. He kept moving in and out of me until I expelled a torrent of cum all over his cock and the table.

This room is going to have my cum all over it.” I thought.

It turned out I was right. The handsome stranger lifted me off the table and took me to the bed. He laid me just at the edge, so that my head was hanging off the bed. He placed his finger on my clit and began to move it like the motions of a vibrator. My position made my blood rush towards my head but when combined with what he was doing to my clit, it was the most thrilling feeling in the world.

He pushed his way into my pussy again and this time, the feeling was even more intense. My legs were shaking violently. My entire body was trembling. I had never felt so much pleasure at the same time before. He pulled me off the edge of the bed and drew me closer towards the middle. I didn’t complain. I spread my legs even wider to give him even more access to my core. I was screaming in gibberish as I felt myself going over the edge. It happened so fast that I’m not even sure it happened.

I was still screaming all the gibberish in the world when I saw his mouth open. Sharp white fangs extended from what was once his normal canines. I felt the sharp pain on my neck as the fangs sank deep into my skin, drawing blood. I loved it. It felt so good. I couldn’t get enough. The rush of excitement sent me over the edge and I was screaming at the top of my lungs when everything went blank.

I woke up back in my apartment the next morning. I was wrapped under my sheets like I never left. I was sure I didn’t leave the mansion in the woods – at least, not while I was conscious. I also did not tell the handsome stranger where I lived so how did I get back home? When we met, it was in front of Derek’s apartment which was all the way on the other side of town.

I didn’t know what to make of the experience. Was I so drunk last night that I conjured the whole thing up? It was possible. I didn’t care. The only thing I knew at that point was that I had to go back. I had to feel what I felt again. I had to be with the stranger one more time. I had to meet the mysterious girl on the staircase. I didn’t know why but everything inside me pulled me to one place – the mansion in the woods.

I didn’t even know what the place was called. The only thing I remembered that looked like a name was the logo I saw at the reception – VB.

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