Vampire Brothel

Roberta Hawkins – Client 146 (3)

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Chapter Three

The handsome stranger smiled and took slow deliberate steps towards me. I already had ideas of him coming to me and taking my clothes off – no conversations necessary. He didn’t do that. Instead, he walked towards a drawer and opened it. He brought a bottle and two glasses out of the drawer before closing it back up. He filled both glasses and passed one to me. The liquid inside was red and had a weird taste. It must have been a rare and expensive mixture, judging from the look of the hotel. The good thing was that it was cold and sweet. I could tell there was a bit of alcohol in it but that was okay. It was cold outside anyway and I was here to get fucked. The alcohol would help put me in the right frame of mind.

We drank and laughed for a while before I started to feel the effects of the alcohol. Did I say it had a bit of alcohol before? Scratch that. It had a lot of alcohol. I found it difficult to coordinate my thoughts. Everything was hazy but not to the point where I couldn’t see. That was when he began the unforgettable experience.

He walked back to the drawer to return the glasses we had used. The speed with which he returned was unimaginable. I must have been zoning in and out of consciousness because there was no way he could have returned that fast.

He picked me up from the bed and pinned me against a nearby wall. My heart started to beat faster because I was anticipating what was to come. I didn’t see him taking his shirt off but he was suddenly without it. It must have been the alcohol messing with my head. I liked what I saw – a lot! His abs were toned and muscular. In one word, he was freaking hot! Okay, that was two words but he really looked that hot.

He didn’t take my clothes off, he tore them off.

“What the fuck?” I yelled.

How was I to go back to my apartment when he just tore the only clothes I had on me? All sexual feelings inside me disappeared and I became immediately angry.

He turned me around and smacked me hard on my left butt cheek. It was painful but it was also pleasurable. I didn’t understand it. Why did it feel so good? I didn’t have the time to think because he pushed me closer to the wall and leaned against my back.

“You know what you really want. Drop the surprise act.” He whispered in my ear.

I didn’t know what he was talking about. What surprise act? What did he think I wanted?

“Come on. Roll that ass for me.” He said, taking his weight off my body and walking back towards the bed.

It sounded like an order. Why did he want me to roll my ass? I had never rolled my naked ass in front of anyone before. Is that not what strippers and prostitutes do?

I tried to turn around and explain why I couldn’t do what he wanted but he was beside me before I could complete the movement of my neck. How did he move so fast?

I felt another hard smack on the same left butt cheek he smacked before. This time, it hurt more than the last time. Surprisingly, it felt that much better. I knew the skin on my left butt would be red by now but somehow that fact turned me on. I wanted him to smack me again.

“Don’t make me tell you again. Roll that ass!” I heard him say. This time, his voice was a whole lot sterner.

Click HERE to read Chapter Four.



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