Vampire Brothel

Roberta Hawkins – Client 146 (2)

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Chapter Two

I expected the door to creak but it didn’t. There was a reception directly opposite me and I walked towards it. A teenage-looking girl sat behind the desk, staring at a computer screen.

“How may I help you today?” She asked, lifting her head to acknowledge my presence and smiling at me.

I was about to reply when my eyes caught sight of a girl standing on a staircase to my right. For several minutes, I was disoriented. I had never felt that way at the sight of another girl before. Deep feelings of lust rose up from the pit of my stomach. My eyes were fixed on her firm double D breasts which were covered by a half cut corset that exposed the top part of her breasts. I could clearly see her luscious cleavage from the distance I stood. I immediately had images of the two of us doing naughty things behind closed doors. I think I was hallucinating because I don’t know where those images came from. I felt a rush of wetness between my thighs. It was coming from my pussy, slipping through my fishnet panties, and falling unto my thighs.

“Excuse me, Miss. How may I help you?” The receptionist retained the smile on her face. It was clear to see she was just being professional.

“I… I… Sorry. I’m here because…”

I froze at that point. It just occurred to me that I never got the handsome stranger’s name. How could I have come all this way without as much as a name to reference?

I cleared my throat and continued.

“I was invited by a handsome stranger and I didn’t even get his name.”

I chuckled because I was alarmed at myself. I probably looked like the biggest idiot in the world just standing there. Maybe it was time to turn around and go home.

“Can I have your name please?” The receptionist said.

“Roberta… Roberta Hawkins.” I replied.

“One moment, please. You can take a seat over there while I search for your reservation.” She replied, motioning to the leather settee on the left corner of the room.

I nodded and turned around. She wasn’t going to find a reservation because I didn’t make any. The handsome stranger only told me about the place when he found me crying outside Derek’s apartment. He told me to give it a shot. I didn’t even tell him the date I was going to go there. This was all fucked up. Maybe I should go before the receptionist gives me the embarrassing news.

My mind went back to the girl on the staircase. I looked back there but she was gone. I don’t know what the fuck happened to me when I saw her the first time. I have never been attracted to a girl in my entire life. I was here to ‘explore a night of sinful pleasures with no strings attached’ – that was the way the handsome stranger proposed the idea to me and I loved it. In the emotional state that I was, I was ready to do whatever it took to get Derek out of my mind and that included getting someone to fuck me silly.

“Excuse me, Miss. I have found your reservation.” The receptionist called out to me.

That was a shocker. How did she find a reservation when I didn’t make one? It didn’t matter at that point because she gave me a key card with the number 146 and pointed me in the direction of the rooms. I thanked her and walked away.

I went into the room and sat on the bed. Everything looked really expensive. It was clear to see this was an exclusive hotel that catered only to the rich. Was the handsome stranger rich? Why was he willing to spend so much money to give me a good time? I must have looked really pathetic crying out there that night… or maybe he just found me attractive.

That was a long shot though. I’m pretty sure pathetic was more on the right track.

The door opened and I turned around to see his icy blue eyes. They reminded me of the Alp Top drink. Pleasing to the eyes and great to the taste. It made one forget how fucked up they can make them feel after hitting the bottom of the glass.

“Hello, Roberta. I’m glad you came.” He said, walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

What the fuck? I never told him my name. Wait a minute. Did I? I didn’t really remember. I was an emotional mess that day.

Click HERE to read Chapter Three.


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