Vampire Brothel

Bella Thomas – Client 316 (2)

Chapter Two

I got off Harbor highway and walked into the woods at the green sign. It made no sense. I didn’t know why I had decided to come here. Perhaps it was what he said about me. The things I did when I thought no one was looking like deliberately going to church without my bra so Michael Conner can look at my breasts.

Was that what he meant when he said he knew the things I did? Did he know about the many times I placed my fingers on my clit and rubbed them lightly until my eyes rolled back from ecstasy? There was no way he could have known that. No one had ever seen me doing it.

I told myself I was only going there to ask questions. I needed to know what exactly he meant by the things he said. Yes, that was my only reason for going there. I was a devoted Christian. A twenty one year old virgin. I knew how to keep my legs closed. I was simply going to ask questions and leave.

Why did they hide such a beautiful place in the woods? Why were there so many bats flying off the walkway? Well, the place was in the woods. Of course there will be bats around.

I walked to the main entrance and knocked on the door. An automated answering machine told me to go right in. The door was unlocked. Of course the door will be unlocked. It’s a public place.

I walked to the reception and described the man I wanted to see. The receptionist gave me a key card with the number 316 and directed me to a room upstairs. When I got in, I saw the expensive furniture in the room. It was clear the place catered to the middle and upper class of the society. The beautiful works of art hanging from the walls further confirmed my suspicion.

The door opened and the sexiest girl I have ever seen walked into the room. She was wearing a black corset and black G-string panties, paired with a black hose and matching black heels. Her hips swayed from side to side as she walked in.

“Are you here to see Reggie?” She asked.

I didn’t really know the guy’s name but since I had already described him to the receptionist downstairs, I assumed he was the Reggie guy.

“Um… Yes… I need to ask him some questions.” I stuttered.

She got to the bed I was sitting and traced a line up my arm with the tip of her fingernail. It made the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. She grabbed my boobs from behind and squeezed them. I gulped, trying hard to swallow the invisible knot that had formed in my throat.


I was about to say something in protest when I finally found my voice, but she stopped me. She pulled the string behind her corset to loosen it and I watched it fall to the ground. I stared wide-eyed at the most beautifully rounded pairs of double D breasts I had ever seen in my life. They were big and obviously succulent. All I wanted to do was place my tongue on them and suck them hard. All the defenses I had against such a sinful act were weakening and they were weakening fast.

Oh, no. I should never have come to this house of temptation.” I thought to myself.

“Don’t worry. It won’t count as sin since you’re not actually going to fuck me.” She whispered.

How did she know what I was thinking? Why did her breasts have to be so succulent and inviting? Why was my clit stirring lustful passion around my core?

No, I choose not to do this. I have to leave this place immediately!

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