Vampire Brothel

Aaron Regent – Client 031 (2)

Chapter Two

The super sexy girl sat in a dark corner of the bar, with a glass of champagne in front of her. She didn’t drink from it, she just had it there. From time to time, she cast glances at me. I knew what she was doing. It was a game to her and I sure as hell was going to win.

I gulped what remained of my drink in one go. It was time to get the prey. There was something about this one that got to me. She aroused me in ways I couldn’t explain. It had to be the long red dress she was wearing. Red affects me in ways other colors can’t. Maybe it wasn’t the dress but the lips. She had full pouty red lips covered perfectly with red matte lipstick.

I approached her table and stopped briefly to look at her face. I probably shouldn’t have. She got me right there with her icy blue eyes and sultry red lips. Her stare felt like a wave, sent directly to crash in my cock. I had to look away for a split second. That was the only way I could regain control. My cock had gotten unruly and out of hand. It bulged and throbbed against my pants like I was having an orgasm. How can a stare make me feel that way? It didn’t matter. I had to fuck this bitch. She needed to know who the boss in this game was.

“May I?”

I pointed to the empty chair opposite her. She shrugged to let me know she didn’t care if I sat there or not. I knew what she was doing. Acting all indifferent like my presence wasn’t making her cunt wet. It was a strategy. Good thing I’m a master strategist.

“You look lovely this evening?” I complimented her.

She smiled at me in a way that made my cock rise and fall in quick motions.

This girl will be the death of me.” I thought.

I immediately countered that thought. I was the Casanova here. All she’ll ever be is my next conquest. Once she got a feel of my mighty cock, she’ll be swooning over me for days.

“Do you mind if I buy you a drink?” I asked.

“I already have a drink.” She replied, tracing her finger on the rim of her untouched champagne glass in a seductive manner.

I looked at her with lust in my eyes. I couldn’t wait to explore the depths of her cunt. I found myself wondering how tight she will be. It was an uncomfortable time but I loved it.

“I take it you’re waiting for someone.” I said, breaking the awkward silence that ensued after her reply.

She smiled again and made to leave. I caught her by the arm in a swift motion.

“Wait… Can I have your number?” I asked.

She lifted her eyelids seductively to look at me one more time.

“I already dropped something better.” She replied, turning around and walking away.

I don’t know how I missed it before but on the table in front of me, there was a piece of paper that contained directions to a place just off Harbor Highway.

Score!” I gave myself a mental pat on the shoulder.

I knew she would eventually give in to my charms. All that was left was for me to fuck her so hard she’ll feel like she was hit by a moving train.

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